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The Best Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
The Best Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes
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Women with blue eyes have a great advantage as their iris is already clear, beautifully luminous and their gaze captivating. Still, there are certain colors and cosmetics that are more flattering for this eye color and which highlight facial features. For a beautiful and radiant look with impeccable eye make-up, keep reading for some of the best makeup tips for blue eyes.

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Steps to follow:


Earth-tone eyeshadows

Although blue eyes are beautiful without any make-up, they are enhanced even more with eye-shadows in natural tones such as beige or light brown. These shades are ideal for flawless day make-up day and for a wonderfully natural, radiant look. Brown mink, a brown-grey color similar to your skin color is very flattering for blue eyes. Eyeshadow applied to the upper eyelid and finished with a light coat of mascara will be enough to enhance eyes without an overdone look. If you want your eyes to look even more flawless, apply a lighter shade of eyeshadow near the corner of your eye, this will frame your eyes and make them the center of attention.

The Best Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes - Step 1
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Purple shadows

To dazzle with evening makeup, try striking lilac, purple, mauve and plum shades. A great trick to further enhance the blue color of your eyes is to use the same lilac tone for the upper eyelid and just below the lower lashes and gently blend for a subtle look, as shown in the image. Try this make-up trick for an alluring look. Pinks and light blues also complement blue eyes.

Just make sure you don't use the same shade of blue as your eyes, as this would just make them smaller.

The Best Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes - Step 2
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Bronze and gold tones

Metallic shadows in shades like bronze and gold are good night make-up options. Besides being very flattering for party looks, these shades brighten and lift the face whilst also softening facial features. Blend together or use with a black eyeliner for a bold, sexy look.

The Best Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes - Step 3
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Total contrast

For a daring, eye-catching option, try eyeshadows in shades of yellow. A striking color contrasts nicely with bright eyes and can be very flattering, especially for Spring or Summer. You can create a smoky effect with yellow and brown or outline with a black eyeliner.

The Best Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes - Step 4
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To outline blue eyes, a color similar to the eye color can be flattering, as can greens and silvers. Black eyeliner is more suitable for evening make-up combine with a smoky eye effect as it intensifies eyes for a striking gaze.

For your daily look, underline your eyes with a dark blue shadow of pencil eyeliner, which will flatter your eyes more than a black one.

If you have small eyes, a trick to make them larger is to avoid eyeliner on the lower eyelid. Focus on the eye-shadow and upper lid eyeliner.

For more details, check our article on how to apply eyeliner according to eye shape.

The Best Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes - Step 5

Finally, do not forget to apply a layer of mascara to widen eyes. Mascaras are ideal in light colors, or black for a more sophisticated and elegant look, this will also depend on the color of your hair.

Go for dark brown eyeliner if you are blonde, but go for black tones if you have darker hair.

The Best Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes - Step 6

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  • Blue eyes could stand out with no makeup at all. Remember not to overdo eye makeup or it will look over the top.
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The Best Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes