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How to Apply Eyeliner According to Eye Shape

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: September 13, 2017
How to Apply Eyeliner According to Eye Shape

Making a well defined and delineated line around the eyes is one of the best beauty tips which we can use to frame the eyes and make these more attractive. However, not all women have the same shape of eyes and according to this it is important to make one kind of line or another, especially if what we want to do is slightly correct the eye shape and make them stand out. Just identify your type of eyes and apply the advice we give in the following oneHOWTO article on how to apply eyeliner according to eye shape. Take note!

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  1. Almond shaped eyes
  2. Droopy eyes
  3. Sunken eyes
  4. Eyes that are close together
  5. Eyes that are far apart

Almond shaped eyes

These eyes are characterized as being perfectly proportioned as the lachrymal and the outer corner are at the same height. Therefore, any form of eye line and make-up will suit them; if your eyes are almond shaped you can be daring and try different styles. If you do not want to risk too much and simply look perfect and want the perfect eyeliner for almond eyes, you can draw a fine line starting at the tear duct and make it thicker as you approach the outer part of the eye.

The color of your eyes will also be determined by your eye color, skin tone and hair, although ombrée tones with a lighter part in the inner corner of your eyes will enhance your almond shaped eyes, this shape will go well with any color.

How to Apply Eyeliner According to Eye Shape - Almond shaped eyes

Droopy eyes

If you want to apply eyeliner according to eye shape, those with droopy eyes will be especially interested in order to hide their shape. Drooping eyes or hooded eyes, are those that have a shape which gives them a saddened appearance because the tear gland is located below the outer corner. The key to line droopy eyes is to draw a line starting from the centre outwards, and at the corner of the eye drawing in a new angle that will work to enhance and lift the eye, by extending the wing passed your eye and closer to the tip of your eyebrow. If you need further information, take a look at our article on how to hide a droopy eyelid.

How to Apply Eyeliner According to Eye Shape - Droopy eyes

Sunken eyes

To apply make-up to sunken eyes you must select beauty tricks that allow you to visibly enlarge the eyes. For this, it is not advisable to use black or dark eye-liner as it makes them look smaller, the opposite to the desired effect. When applying eyeliner according to eye shape, in this case it is best to draw a fine line right next to the upper eyelashes with a black liner or apply the very flattering invisible eye-liner, which consists in drawing the upper eye line filling all spaces available between the eyelashes (as seen in the image). Try it and see how your eyes imperceptibly look bigger.

How to Apply Eyeliner According to Eye Shape - Sunken eyes

Eyes that are close together

These eyes are characterized by being too close to the nose, so to give the illusion of correcting them, you should seek to divert attention from the centre of the face. And to achieve this the ideal is to make a wider outline and highlight the outside of the eye in both the upper and lower eyelid. When outlining the lower eye line it is important that the line ends right in the centre of the eye and not extend the line in any case to the area of the tear duct.

Applying eyeliner on the lower lid of the eye should also recommended with a pencil eyeliner. Draw it below the tear duct line, not on it; i.e the outer eye. You can start not on the inner corner, but 1/4 of the way and extend until it meets the top eyeliner.

How to Apply Eyeliner According to Eye Shape - Eyes that are close together
Image: guapaalinstante.com

Eyes that are far apart

By contrast, to line separate eyes you should create an illusion that the eyes are closer together. Just draw a fairly thick top line on the upper hood and take it to the end of the eye. Keep the bottom line completely clean or if you want to give some light to the eye line with a white, nude or beige eye pencil. This will also prevent your eyes from looking too small which is what lining the lower lid would do.

How to Apply Eyeliner According to Eye Shape - Eyes that are far apart
Image: yoheva.com

Now that you know what eyeliner suits your eyes best, you can also take a look at these tips on how to apply eyeliner perfectly to get the perfect overall look for your winged eyes!

For more eye makeup tips that suit your eye shape, we advise you to take a look at out article how to apply makeup according to eye shape, so you can make sure all of your makeup matches the characteristics of your eyes and face.

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How to Apply Eyeliner According to Eye Shape