How To Apply Eye Makeup According To Your Eye Shape

By Alice T Breeze. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Apply Eye Makeup According To Your Eye Shape

Applying eye makeup correctly is a fundamental step to wear perfect makeup. To do so, we should highlight two basic elements: the color of our eyes and their shape. According to their shape, may they be round, almond-shaped, etc., we should apply certain techniques or others to boost your look and make it more attractive and seductive. This article would like to show you how to apply eye makeup according to your eye shape, so you know what kind of makeup is ideal for you.

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Makeup for droopy eyes

To apply makeup according to your shape, it's very important to use the right techniques for each kind of eye. Therefore, for droopy or tired eyes there are some simple steps you can use to boost your eyes and get a more wakening look. The most simple and fastest way to do it is the following:

  • Delineate the top part of your eye, from halfway to the end and right by your eyelashes.
  • To boost your eyes, when you get to the end of your eyelash, carefully elevate the line and draw a slightly lifted corner. This way, the end part of your eye will be more defined and will give you a feline touch.
  • Finally, apply a lot of mascara on the corner of your eyelashes, this means, from halfway to the end. With your bottom eyelashes, do the same.

If you want an even more perfect finish follow these tips on how to apply makeup to sunken eyes so your eye makeup suits the whole of your face.

How To Apply Eye Makeup According To Your Eye Shape - Makeup for droopy eyes

Makeup for almond-shaped eyes

Almond-shaped eyes are ideal, as they're more symmetrical. Applying makeup on almond-shaped eyes is easy because you can apply nearly all kinds of makeup. Applying one kind or another will be a question of the occasion and what you want to highlight. If you want to apply makeup on almond-shaped eyes to go out at night we recommend smokey eyes, it will boost your eyes and make your look more seductive.

If you prefer more discrete makeup for daytime, you can apply nude or beige tones for almond-shaped eyes and mix them with earthy tones. Before you apply makeup on your eyes, it's important to apply pre-base so that your makeup lasts longer and you can avoid cracks. Once you've done this, apply a beige tone on your eyebrow arch, in the interior to give more volume and light. Then, select an intermediate tone for the lower eyelid. Get an earthy tone for your eye socket and spread it with a natural-hair brush. The deepness in the shape of the socket can be made as you like, rounded, V-shaped...

Regarding your eyeliner, you can smear it a little or trace a fine line under your eyelashes. Apply mascara from halfway to the end to highlight your almond-shaped eyes. If you want more tips on the perfect eyeliner, take a look at our article on how to apply eyeliner according to your eye shape.

How To Apply Eye Makeup According To Your Eye Shape - Makeup for almond-shaped eyes

Makeup for round eyes

The steps to follow when applying makeup for round eyes are very similar to those used for droopy eyes, as we're searching for the same effect in both, slanted eyes. Apply a pre-base and then choose a clear or medium shade for your lower eyelid. To give it an almond shape, choose a darker tone and use it on the external area of your eye (the end part of the corner) in an inverted V shape, like so >. Then, smear it to the outside to give it a sharper look and conceal the rounded shape.

To apply makeup according to their shape, eyeliner is a fundamental element. For rounded eyes, it's important not to follow the curve of your eyelashes. Use a pencil eyeliner and trace a line from halfway to the end and draw a small corner upwards. If you want, you can smear it a little and blend it with a dark shade. You can repeat this step with the bottom eyelid. Do the same with mascara, apply it from the middle of your eye.

If you have especially bulging eyes, how about harmonizing your features and learn how to apply makeup to bulging eyes?

How To Apply Eye Makeup According To Your Eye Shape - Makeup for round eyes

Slanted or Asian eyes

Asian eyes are usually slanted and have a very small lower eyelid. To apply makeup on slanted eyes it's important to avoid clear shades and use darker colors to give your eyes depth and highlight your slanted eyes. Applying makeup according to the eye's shape implies following specific techniques for each type, and this kind of eyes require very simple but different steps to the rest. You'll need to apply eyeshadow on your lower eyelid, smearing it and dragging it a little to your upper eyelid. To give more depth and sensation of greatness, drag your eyeshadow to your upper eyelid so that it's clearer every time until your reach a medium tone.

Underline your eye with eyeliner and trace a fine line right over your eyelashes. For the lower eyelid, trace another fine line on the outside to simulate wider eyes.

How To Apply Eye Makeup According To Your Eye Shape - Slanted or Asian eyes

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How To Apply Eye Makeup According To Your Eye Shape
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How To Apply Eye Makeup According To Your Eye Shape

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