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How to Make Blue Eyes Pop

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: May 18, 2017
How to Make Blue Eyes Pop

Do you have mesmerizing blue eyes? If you have the good fortune to have this simply gorgeous eye color and you want to know how to get the most out of your eyes, pay attention to the tricks that we will reveal in this OneHowTo article. With a few simple make-up tips you can bring a lot of light to your eyes and embellish them by even creating spectacular contrasts. You'll see it's very easy to make blue eyes pop and get, at the same time, your darling face to look far more beautiful and radiant than ever before.

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  1. Concealer and foundation
  2. Brightness for attention
  3. Orange
  4. Shadows in Bronze
  5. Terracotta color
  6. Purple color
  7. Neutral smoky tones
  8. The tone of the pencil

Concealer and foundation

Just as important as the tone that you finally use over your eyes, is the overall appearance of your face. Therefore, it is important to have applied in advance a good concealer to remove nasty dark circles. That way your eyes stand out because of their beauty and not because of a poor appearance. Use foundation to give your skin a uniform appearance.

How to Make Blue Eyes Pop - Concealer and foundation

Brightness for attention

A very simple way to give a joyful shine to your face is by applying some glitter or shimmer on your face, but only in specific areas such as your cheeks and / or eyes. However, if you do it all over your entire face, you will probably drawn in attention for all the wrong reasons and create the opposite effect to what you originally wanted.

How to Make Blue Eyes Pop - Brightness for attention


Even if it sounds strange and even a bit surreal, you are not misreading, orange shadow will brighten up your days and shine to your eyes. There's an easy explanation, blue and orange create a strong contrast as they are opposite colors.

Shadows in Bronze

Blue with metallic shades looks much more attractive on your face. During a normal day, make-up on the eyelids is enough and ideal. At night, if you want to further intensify your Glamazon look, you can achieve this by applying some eyeliner that is a dark bronze - do so just above the upper lashes.

How to Make Blue Eyes Pop - Shadows in Bronze

Terracotta color

Always look for the contrast between the eye shadow and your eye's natural color; warmer tones always make your blue eyes stand out. A quick way is to apply to your upper eyelid a color with shades of dusty earth.

How to Make Blue Eyes Pop - Terracotta color

Purple color

The purple tones, cobalt color or emerald highlights can help emphasize the blue color of your eyes. Applying some shadow over the entire eyelid can create a very flattering effect indeed. You can even shade below your lower lashes if you really want.

How to Make Blue Eyes Pop - Purple color

Neutral smoky tones

Although the smoky black peepers is a classic look in all senses, perhaps it?s just a little too strong for blue eyes, creating a terrifyingly dramatic look rather than a highlighting one. You can get the same effect as a smoky black, with a lovable neutral brown, a perky light pink or a darling golden color. Anyway, at night, when you want to tighten up and intensify your look so everyone knows you?re a strong independent woman, black is a perfect choice. In the following OneHowTo article we show you how to do smoky eyes.

How to Make Blue Eyes Pop - Neutral smoky tones

The tone of the pencil

It is equally important to choose the right pencil with the right color and shadow. To highlight the eyes, try whites, pinks and silvers to make your eyes bigger. You can choose these fun shades for your daytime adventures and turn to the darker shades for night-time fun. Darker tones will strengthen your stare.

Make-up isn't the only little flair to achieve that your blue eyes stand out. Your clothes and accessories will also be a very important part of the final result. As with the shadows, dress in an opposite color to the blue tones on the color wheel. Purple, orange and bronze tones will enhance the beauty of your eyes. On occasion, you can also use blue clothes, but they must go in combination with your eyes and, unlike what could happen with the shadows, they will not make your eyes stand out less. Do you have some more tricks to highlight your blue eyes?

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How to Make Blue Eyes Pop