How To Choose The Right Concealer

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How To Choose The Right Concealer

Concealer is a product that is always in our makeup bag. It has proven to be the best ally for covering and hiding imperfections on our face to help us to get a radiant and spectacular look. There are many types of concealer available with different colors and textures. So, it can sometimes be a bit tricky to find the right one for us. Therefore, in the following OneHowTo article we'll give you some tips to help you to choose the right concealer. Take note!

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When choosing a concealer which can adapt to the specific needs of our skin we should consider several key factors so the final finish is spectacular. Among these factors is the fact that we cannot all use the same concealer to hide imperfections on our face. It is normal to have to apply some specific concealer to cover dark circles, redness, spots, etc. and on top of this concealer we should apply one of the same color as our skin.


As we know, the market offers a lot of different concealer colors but do you know what each one does? Pay attention because each color is suggested for a specific problem and to camouflage different imperfections:

  • Beige concealer: this is used to hide dark circles, unify color and brighten the skin.
  • Yellow concealer: this is suggested for covering dark circles with purple or lilac tones.
  • Green concealer: this is ideal for hiding redness or pink marks on the skin for things like spots, recent scars or veins.
  • Orange or salmon concealer: this is used for those dark circles that are more blue or grey. It is also excellent for covering any dark shadows on your top lip.
  • Lilac concealer: this is ideal for camouflaging imperfections in beige or brown tones, such as scars or blemishes.
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When you choose the right concealer that is best suited to your skin type you should also take into account their texture because you can buy ones that are liquid, cream, stick, powder or mousse.

  • Stick concealer: it provides great coverage but is more difficult to spread and can mark expression lines. This is ideal for young, well-hydrated skin.
  • Cream concealer: it provides a dense coverage and works well to hide deep imperfections.
  • Liquid concealer: it provides medium coverage to cover blemishes and dark circles. It is comfortable and easy to apply but is not suitable for oily skin.
  • Powder concealer: it is perfect for hiding imperfections in oily skin.
  • Mousse concealer: they offer great coverage and a light texture that becomes powder when in contact with the skin.

Regarding under-eye concealer, you should take note of your skin tone before choosing it. This way you'll get a natural look and be able to hide dark circles without looking artificial.

So, for fair skin it is better to use beige, yellow or pale pink concealers. On the other hand, people with darker skin should choose dark beige or peach tones.

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Also, for the area around the eyes we recommend choosing concealers with light textures. They are the best option to prevent the product from cracking shortly after applying it.

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How To Choose The Right Concealer