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How to Make Biphasic Eye Makeup Remover

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: October 16, 2020
How to Make Biphasic Eye Makeup Remover

Using eye makeup remover every night will leave your skin thoroughly clean. This area is essential to protect eye health, but also to show off a pretty young look. The accumulation of traces of makeup on the skin around the eyes, which is extremely thin and delicate, accelerates aging, favors the appearance of crow's feet and can dehydrate your eyes considerably. Therefore you should not ignore this task and it also is important that you use the appropriate products. In this OneHowTo article, we show you how to make eye makeup remover biphasic - the best way to remove all kinds of mascara, eye liner, eye shadows... even those most resistant of all.

Steps to follow:


The biphasic makeup removers, unlike others, are composed of a water-base and another oil. It is this combination that makes them more effective products to completely remove any remaining makeup and leave skin thoroughly clean. They are especially useful for eye make-up removers because the skin in this area is much thinner than the rest of the face and lotions remove all residues without damaging the skin further.

The composition of biphasic makeup removers is perfect for removing the most difficult makeup, such as waterproof or water resistant, as it's practically impossible to remove with other lotions that only have an aqueous base. So if you regularly use eyeliners, mascaras or shadows that are waterproof, your best solution to get impeccable eyes is to use biphasic cleaning products.

How to Make Biphasic Eye Makeup Remover - Step 1

If you want to make biphasic eye makeup remover, you can try some of the recipes that we show below. They are prepared with natural products which are very beneficial for the skin around the eyes, which help keep the young, supple, luminous aspects of your face and prevent the appearance of nasty wrinkles.

The first option combines ingredients like rose water, almond oil and castor oil. Rose water is perfect for cleaning the skin, softening and toning, plus it helps balance the excess fat. Meanwhile, almond oil and castor oil are highly moisturizing and fighting skin aging, so that prevent wrinkles in the area as crow's feet. And you did not know this, but castor oil is a great ally for your lashes, as it strengthens and promotes growth.

Preparation: in a can or bottle stopper, pour rose water to fill 80%, i.e., you must leave approximately two empty fingers in the pot to the other ingredients. Rosewater can be found in pharmacies. Then, add a finger of almond oil and a castor oil to completely fill the jar. Now, cover and shake vigorously in the pot so the products are mixed and integrated.

How to Make Biphasic Eye Makeup Remover - Step 2

Another homemade biphasic eye makeup remover is made by preparing thyme and olive oil. Thyme is a herb with great disinfectant, antibacterial and cleansing properties, and olive oil is the best natural moisturizer that exists, bringing to the skin a silky look and keeping it always radiant. With this lotion, you can easily remove your eye makeup without risking their health or beauty.

Preparation: First, you have to prepare an infusion of thyme using the dried leaves of this herb or a commercial tea bag. Once you have prepped the infusion, pour it into a bottle or a lovely jar with a lid. Fill this to about half way full. For the part of the bottle that's empty, fill it with olive oil. Pop on the lid and shake with upward and downward movements energetically so that both ingredients are fully integrated.

If you prefer, in this recipe you can replace the thyme tea with chamomile, which is ideal to take care of the eyes, dark circles and swollen skin - generally to decongest the area.

How to Make Biphasic Eye Makeup Remover - Step 3

To remove eye makeup, grab a makeup remover like this and do it correctly, it is important that you consider the following steps:

  • Every time you use your biphasic lotion, shake it vigorously so that the ingredients are mixed and their properties can act.
  • Pour a bit of makeup remover on a cotton pad, without exceeding in quantity.
  • Place the disc on the eye and press for about 10 seconds, leaving it still.
  • Then slide the disc from the top of the lid to the lashes through downward movements.
  • No abrupt pressure necessary! You just have to pass the disc over the eyes gently and see how all the makeup disappears in simply seconds.
How to Make Biphasic Eye Makeup Remover - Step 4

Besides these, there other eye makeup removers you can make at home with natural products as effective as jojoba oil or raw milk.

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How to Make Biphasic Eye Makeup Remover