How to Lighten your Eyes with Makeup

By Mary Smith. Updated: November 12, 2020
How to Lighten your Eyes with Makeup

We all know that our genes determine the color of our eyes, but not everyone is satisfied with them. More than half of the Earth's population are born with brown eyes, and many people who have them want to look more unique. Although we cannot change our eye color with magic pills or cosmetic surgery, there are some simple and inexpensive methods that can make them look different.

Why not try to make your brown eyes appear lighter? With this OneHowTo article you'll learn how to lighten your eyes with makeup with simple tips. Discover this magnificent visual effect to subtly change your look - you'll bring your uniqueness to the light.

Steps to follow:

Before moving on to make-up tricks, it might be useful to know that there are colored lenses available which can transform the color of your eyes completely. You will find these contact lenses without prescription. It is the fastest way to transform eyes to a blue, green, hazel, or even violet color, and they are great for costumes or for trying on different looks.


If you do not want to wear contact lenses, read on for some beauty tricks to lighten your eyes naturally, for example, darkening your hair. Black or dark brown create a visual effect that give the illusion of lighter eyes. The darker your hair, the lighter your iris will appear. Avoid streaks and highlights.

How to Lighten your Eyes with Makeup - Step 2

As for make-up, try dark eye shadow to make your brown eyes look somewhat lighter. When applying eye makeup, it is important to play with color shades to find the the best combination and thus achieve the desired effect.

Try midnight blue, smoky black or plum tones. Any dark shadow will make your eyes look lighter.

How to Lighten your Eyes with Makeup - Step 3

With regards to eyeliner,we suggest using black and lining both the lid and the bottom of the eye. A smoked or blurred line effect will help to soften your eyes and make them appear lighter in color. We do not advise drawing a thick line because your eyes will look smaller and the color will not appear any lighter.

Learn how to apply eyeliner perfectly in this OneHowTo article.

How to Lighten your Eyes with Makeup - Step 4

Furthermore, the darker your skin, the lighter your eyes will look. To achieve this, you can enhance your own tan skin, or, if you're pale, apply fake tan or wear slightly darker foundation and bronzer. This clever little makeup trick will enhance your eyes. Try it to see for yourself!

For more tips on how to get a natural tan at home, take a look at this OneHowTo article.


Finally, you should know that your outfit can also make your eyes naturally lighter. Dark blouses and t-shirts can help. Black, navy blue, olive green, khaki or burnt sienna are great options for shades that make your eyes appear lighter and stand out. This is as a result of the contrast between their dark color and your eyes.

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How to Lighten your Eyes with Makeup
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How to Lighten your Eyes with Makeup

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