How to use concealer

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to use concealer

A good concealer can make a difference to your makeup and the look of any face. It is an essential product that has become our best ally when concealing and covering dark circles, pimples, scars, blemishes, redness and all kinds of skin imperfections. The most important thing is knowing the proper way to apply it as this will be decisive in the final effect of your makeup. Follow the advice in this article from on how to use concealer and get ready to show off your flawless complexion.

You'll need:

  • Concealer
  • Special brush for the concealer
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Steps to follow:


The first thing to know is that there are many types of concealer with different textures, so it is good to know and choose the one that best suits your skin and serves to achieve the effect you want:

  • Stick: this covers any imperfections quite well but you have to apply a small amount on the area to be covered to avoid drawing lines and choose a color lighter than your skin tone. It is ideal for young skin.
  • Cream: Its dense coverage is great for dark circles and deep imperfections.
  • Liquid: Is the easiest to use and offers medium coverage to cover dark circles and other small imperfections like blackheads. It is not very suitable for oily skin.
  • Powder: powder concealers do not cover too much but the texture is very good for covering blackheads in oily skin.
  • Mousse: a concealer of light texture and broad coverage which in contact with skin turns to powder.
How to use concealer - Step 1

In addition to having different concealers based on texture, did you know that it is also distinguished by its colour? The most common and effective are concealers in beige, green, yellow and orange or salmon, each serves a specific use but all hide imperfections at 100%.

  • Beige: Ideal for lightening and matching the skin tone covering those darker areas of the face and dark circles.
  • Green: Used to cover redness, pimples and small scars or veins.
  • Yellow: Hides those areas of more intense color tending towards violet or purple, it's perfect for covering dark circles and bruises.
  • Orange or salmon: Used to camouflage dark circles which are more bluish.
How to use concealer - Step 2

Once you've found the perfect concealer for a flawless face, you must prepare the skin before applying them. The face must be completely clean and hydrated so that the end result is pristine. Use primarily a facial moisturising cream before you start with makeup.


How to apply it?

Take a small quantity and apply it with a finger or with a special brush giving the concealer light taps in the area where it is applied. Rub it in with gentle, circular movements while controlling the pressure applied to avoid premature wrinkles.


For areas of puffiness, choose a concealer that is closest to the natural colour of your skin or a lighter tone to brighten your look. Apply a few drops at the bottom of the eyes and spread it with small touches without dragging the product. It's very important to blend the ends so that it is fully adapted to the skin tone to avoid these lines which are so unsightly.

How to use concealer - Step 5

Finally, seal the product with a translucent powder so that it doesn't crack and so that it lasts longer. Get down to work and erases all facial imperfections!

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How to use concealer