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What to Do if your Foundation Is too Light

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
What to Do if your Foundation Is too Light

Choosing the right makeup foundation that looks absolutely perfect for our skin is something that we may find difficult as each skin tone requires a different look to ensure radiance that does not look artificial. It can happen that when we buy a foundation and apply it at home we realize that it does not fit the tone of the skin but is too light. Here are some useful tips that will help you make use of this base and not have to leave it stored in your make up case. Do not miss these oneHOWTO tips on what to do if your foundation is very light.

Steps to follow:


The best trick to make use of a base that is too light is to mix it with other foundations you have at home. Doing so you can get the perfect shade for your skin and save some money as this trick can be implemented in both summer and winter, solving the color variations of the skin in these seasons. Lets see how we can do the mixing.


Test the color on your hand. First, you must place some of the clearer make up base on the back of your hand. Slowly start adding the darker base without overdoing the quantity. Then you just have to mix both foundations with the help, for example, of a fine brush or an orange stick. Remember you can make your own foundation at home from scratch too.


Test on face. When you have the two bases well mixed it will be time to test it on the face and seeing if this really is the perfect tone. With a foundation brush apply a very small amount to the chin area, as is shown in the image. If you see that the foundation blends perfectly with your skin tone and is equal to your neck then you have found the perfect hue. Otherwise, you must keep mixing until you find the right tone.

What to Do if your Foundation Is too Light - Step 3

Apply foundation. Finally, you just have to apply the foundation correctly to get a flawless look and bring added life to your face.


Extra trick. Besides this another trick that you can use to darken your foundation is, instead of combining it with another base, mix it with a little liquid concealer that is in a tone darker than that of your skin. It also offers good results, but the best option is certainly the first suggestion.

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What to Do if your Foundation Is too Light