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Makeup Brush Set Names And Uses

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
Makeup Brush Set Names And Uses

Makeup brushes are very useful tools that make a big difference in the final result when we apply any product to our face. They make makeup have a flawless finish which is more durable and makes our skin look radiant. Today, there are makeup sets with dozens of makeup brushes, however, the important thing is to identify those that we all have to apply when using cosmetics. In this OneHowTo article we show you a selection of makeup brush set names and uses so you can incorporate them into your collection.

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  1. Foundation brushes
  2. Concealer makeup brush
  3. Translucent powder makeup brush
  4. Blush makeup brush
  5. Eye shadow makeup brush
  6. Eyeliner makeup brush
  7. Eyebrow and eyelash brush
  8. Lip brush
  9. Cleaning makeup brushes

Foundation brushes

We're starting the list of makeup brush set names and uses with the ones that will be used to apply foundation. It is essential for those using a liquid or cream foundation, because the result is more flattering than if applied with sponges or your fingers. As we can see in the picture, it is a flat brush with synthetic hair that leaves a very natural and uniform finish, preventing an excesses of makeup on the skin.

If you are using a mineral foundation, you should use a powder brush, which has more hair and is fanned out slightly more. It is similar to the one used for translucent powders (description below).

Makeup Brush Set Names And Uses - Foundation brushes

Concealer makeup brush

A very similar brush but smaller, is commonly used to apply concealer which is ideal for covering up all facial imperfections. It is also flat and of synthetic hair, offers excellent accuracy and is great for applying concealer gently in the area around the eyes.

Makeup Brush Set Names And Uses - Concealer makeup brush

Translucent powder makeup brush

To seal the makeup, you need a good brush to apply the compact or loose translucent powder. This is a thicker and rounder brush that is perfect to distribute the product all over your face and provide a smooth and velvety texture to the skin. Natural hair brushes are best, because the finish is much more flattering.

Makeup Brush Set Names And Uses - Translucent powder makeup brush

Blush makeup brush

Another basic makeup brush we should have is one to apply blush on the cheeks. This is made of natural hair and is perfect for applying blush, accurately defining and highlighting the cheekbones as it is cut diagonally. Try it and see how the face looks more defined and attractive.

Makeup Brush Set Names And Uses - Blush makeup brush

Eye shadow makeup brush

For eye makeup there are countless brushes but we're selecting the most basic, which are used to apply eye shadow and mix it on the lid. This has a rounded tip of natural hair and provides a very precise application of the product and works great for creating a faded and smoky look. It is best that we have a couple of brushes for eye shadows, one for lighter shades and one for darker ones.

Sponge eye makeup brushes are usually used to define eye makeup on the lower eyelid, whilst the ones described above are perfect to define and spread upper eyelid makeup.

Makeup Brush Set Names And Uses - Eye shadow makeup brush

Eyeliner makeup brush

The eyeliner brush has an angular cut that is excellent for applying the gel or liquid easily, sealing it and giving you more defined lines.

Makeup Brush Set Names And Uses - Eyeliner makeup brush

Eyebrow and eyelash brush

This characteristic brush from your makeup set has two different functions. The plastic part is used to spread your mascara evenly, so your lashes don't clump up together. The hairy part of the brush is used to comb your eyebrows and shape them in a correct position. You can use some Vaseline to tame wild eyebrows with this brush for a perfect brow.

Makeup Brush Set Names And Uses - Eyebrow and eyelash brush

Lip brush

Last but not least in our list of our makeup brush set is the lip brush, which is perfect to outline our lips and to fill them in if we want a more subtle tone of lipstick. It is thin and is also made of natural hairs.

Makeup Brush Set Names And Uses - Lip brush

Cleaning makeup brushes

Once we have all the basic makeup brushes, it is essential to constantly clean and maintain them so that the final look is always nice and durable. Wash them by hand with some PH neutral soap and leave them to air dry.

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Makeup Brush Set Names And Uses