Why Is it Important to Use Moisturizers

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
Why Is it Important to Use Moisturizers

Well hydrated skin will remain supple and young for much longer and besides hydrating your skin from within by drinking lots of water and eating the right food, we also need to hydrate it externally. And for that, our best bet is moisturizer, a cosmetic that really keeps your skin healthy all over, bringing extra nutrition and preserving its natural beauty. Do not miss the following OneHowTo article where we explain why it is important to use moisturizers and you'll no longer have an excuse not to include it in your routine care if you don't already.

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Importance of using moisturizers

Almost two thirds of the skin is made up of water, and it is constantly dehydrated, but the problem happens when the dermis suffers from a lack of water to nourish itself with. Both passing time and external agents that contaminate the skin on a daily basis, cause progressive water loss that make skin more brittle, dull, rough to the touch, irritated and less elastic. This is why it's especially important to use moisturizers because they are the best cosmetic to fight all these signs and restore the natural beauty and vitality of the dermis. Note the incredible benefits that moisturizers provide your skin with:

  • They provide your skin with substances that have the ability to capture and retain the water inside the cells that make up the skin, preventing it from losing it.
  • They create a protective barrier that prevents the accumulation of dead cells, debris or dust particles which prevent proper breathing of the skin.
  • They prevent dryness, the appearance of flaking and impurities.
  • They improve skin elasticity, helping to keep it younger and prettier.

Choosing moisturizers

Once you know how important it is for your skin to use moisturizers, you should choose those lotions that best suit your needs, selecting a specific one for the face and one for the body.

  • To choose your facial moisturizer you need to consider, above all, your skin type (normal, dry, combination or oily), your age to know if you require a cream that also has anti-aging components, and the season as there are differences in the creams consistency used in winter, compared with summer.
  • To choose your body moisturizer as well as knowing your skin type, you must ensure that it rapidly absorbs and provides you with the desired effect, as you will find from cellulite lotions or stretch mark creams to invigorating or slimming creams.

Applying moisturizers

Moisturizers are products that should always be applied on clean skin and if it has previously been exfoliated, being free of dead cells and impurities, even better. In this way, you make sure that your skin completely absorbs all the nutrients and substances from the creams, and it benefits from a deep and effective hydration.

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Why Is it Important to Use Moisturizers
Why Is it Important to Use Moisturizers

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