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How To Wear Casual Wedding Dresses For Fall

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. October 30, 2017
How To Wear Casual Wedding Dresses For Fall

While many couples go all out for a summer wedding, fall is often the perfect season for such an occasion. You don’t need to worry about being too hot or too cold because of what you wear. There is often a more casual approach which can soothe wedding nerves for all involved. If you are heading to a fall wedding soon, you are probably wondering what dress to wear. Even a simple casual dress can make a style statement with the addition of just a few fancy accessories. From pastels and florals to high necks and plains solids, this oneHOWTO article will give you a few suggestions on how to wear casual wedding dresses for fall.

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Steps to follow:


If it’s going to be a black tie wedding, it would be better to wear a classic cocktail dress. In this case, if wearing back, you want it to be elegant and not funereal. You may also want to wear an evening suit or a floor-length gown, but don't overdo it on the latter. Although black is often an acceptable color, you can add some fun and festivity by selecting a jewel tone with beads and embellishments. Such a dress would hit the perfect notes for attending a fall wedding. With open back and side cuts, you can show some skin as well without looking inappropriate.


Casual dress for a fall wedding does not mean you can go wearing a T-shirt and jeans. A man may wear a button down shirt with a nice looking pair of pants and women can wear simple yet chic dresses. Casual means being comfortable in whatever you wear, but you need to still pull it together in terms of style. Look for a dress that you would comfortably wear at a casual office function or at a classy family function.


Just because you are attending a casual fall wedding, doesn't mean you can't be a little festive. While just how festive you should go can be confusing, the idea is quite straight forward. You can easily wear a cocktail dress or a party dress that gives a festive feel to your ensemble, but which still keeps you in comfort. If you are longing for this kind of look, avoid wearing a floor-length evening gown. Men may wear a suit, but with casual accessories like a designer tie or suspenders.


If you are attending a daytime wedding during the fall season, it’s suggested to wear a short and smart dress or a nice suit. The dress you wear shouldn't be too formal, certainly don't go for something too ornate. Stick to light fabrics and bright colors, which will give you a perfect look for a daytime fall wedding. Make sure the dress you choose is not stuffy, but sophisticated and elegant. Plain black dresses are more appropriate for your office parties. As far as going to a fall wedding is concerned, rich fabrics and colors would be more appropriate. Look for knee-length embroidered lace fabrics that work wonders to add detail and fun to your overall appearance.


What if you have been invited to a late afternoon or evening fall wedding party (the wedding reception)? You might be confused about whether you should wear an evening gown or a daytime dress. A sparkling prom dress to a late afternoon party would be uncomfortable and awkward, but you might not want to go in a day-time dress either, as everyone else may be wearing party clothes there. The trick would be to look appropriate for both times and occasions. Look for some dress that can be worn up and down as per the occasion. Wear some simple earrings and a nice jacket that would be suitable for a daytime party, but bring some dangle earrings and bracelet to suit an evening reception as well.

How To Wear Casual Wedding Dresses For Fall - Step 5

While going to a fall wedding, you need to remember it can get a little chilly come evening. Remember, your great dress may get spoiled due to coats and sweaters which look too casual. But there are a few ways that can keep you warm without damaging your outfit:

  • Wear a cute cropped shrug or jacket that will keep you warm and at the same time make you look trendy. Its short length will also allow you to show off your dress. Go for a faux fur jacket for a style statement that is sure to impress.
  • Modern shrugs are practically made for situations like this. While it will keep your arms warm, its open front will not hide the dress you are wearing. There is an assortment of colors, lengths, fabrics and styles to choose from.
  • Getting wrapped in a chic pashmina is stylish, but there is more than one way to wear a wrap. You can wear it tight or loose, wrapping it round or letting it flow. It can be a great way to add some color as well if you have chosen to go for a minimal black number.

Fortunately, fashion for older women is becoming more widespread. Just because you are advanced in age, doesn't mean you have to look outdated and matronly or shapeless dresses are no longer a requirement. There are several options which can flatter your figure and still look appropriate to your age. An embellished gown in light color will have a silhouette that can flatter almost all types of figures, heights and ages.


Since weather is unpredictable during a fall wedding, it is advised to dress in layers. You can add or remove layers as and when you need to. Look for a dress that has one or two layers, such as a short dress with a longer shrug. You can attend the party in the short dress and wear the longer shrug as the climate gets colder. Choose a dress that you may wear with or without leggings. By doing this, you may stay prepared for unexpected fall season chill or heat. It is also a nice idea to carry a shrug in your bag, so that you can wear it as the temperature drops or as you leave the venue. This is particularly important if you have been drinking at the wedding party.


Since dark and muted colors are more appropriate for the fall season, try to add some bright colors to your ensemble with your lipstick, scarf, necklace and accessories. Open toed shoes would be appropriate for this season, as they will keep your feet neither too warm nor too cold.


Dressing for a fall wedding is all about looking elegant and still staying comfortable for the weather. Try to wear breathable fabrics so that you don’t overheat yourself in the crowded venue. Go for longer dresses made with airy and light fabrics like chiffon, linen or silk. Avoid cotton, as it may make you too cold during the changing weather. Vibrant colors will add a spring like twist to your dress. Pair your cute dress with chic wedges or heels.


During the fall season, be wary of an outdoor wedding as you might experience unexpected chills and maybe even rain. Shop for an outfit which can survive an outdoor wedding well. Avoid thick fabrics which may make you over-heated or too thin fabrics that can cause you to shiver. Always keep an extra layer in your bag, and don’t forget about the dropping and rising temperatures of this season. Add colors to your look and know that you don't need an excuse to go simple in black.

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How To Wear Casual Wedding Dresses For Fall