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What To Wear For A First Communion Party

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
What To Wear For A First Communion Party

If you have been invited to go to communion surely now you're wondering what kind of outfit is right. Although as a rule, you must wear clothes you feel comfortable in and that are true to your style, yet you must meet a number of tips so you don't clash at the celebration. At OneHowTo.com we intend to help you with all these issues, do not stop reading what to wear for a first communion party.

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  1. Think of the season
  2. Event type
  3. Your hair
  4. For men
  5. Other tips for communion

Think of the season

Before you get down to work and go get the dress or suit, remember that communions take place in spring. This season is one of the most appreciated in terms of weather, but can lead to both a day of sunshine and pleasant temperatures, and a humid rainy day. Thus, you should think ahead and dress neither too warm nor too uncovered. Ideally you should have a thin jacket or shaul to wear if the day is a bit cool.

What To Wear For A First Communion Party - Think of the season

Event type

Dressing for a communion isn't the same as dressing for a wedding, for example. In this case, it is a semiformal event held during the day; so you should be elegant without being over the top. Women should avoid long dresses (because they are usually more worn for evening celebrations) and dark or very saturated colours. Thus, the most worn colours are pastel shades: yellow, beige, blue, pink...

Another tip you can follow is that you should not wear excessive accessories. You can wear necklaces and bracelets in more saturated tones to make them stand out from the tone of your clothes. You should not wear brimmed hats or other types of hats.

What To Wear For A First Communion Party - Event type

Your hair

Linking with the above, you wouldn't normally have your hair styled for a communion. This type of hair is more associated with weddings and other events evening such as cocktail parties. Hair down with some kind of accessory, a plait or half up-do is ideal for attending a communion.

What To Wear For A First Communion Party - Your hair
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For men

A man who attends a communion does not have to wear a suit, if he does not feel comfortable with this type of clothing. You cannot go in jeans and a t-shirt, remember that this is a semiformal event. A guy can look very smart with a shirt, trousers and shoes.

What To Wear For A First Communion Party - For men

Other tips for communion

If you need specific ideas on what to wear for a first communion party, check out our article on what to wear for your child's first communion party, especially suited for moms and dads.

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  • Consider the type of relationship that binds you to the child takes their first communion.
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What To Wear For A First Communion Party