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How to Wear Mom Jeans

Alice T Breeze
By Alice T Breeze. Updated: October 16, 2020
How to Wear Mom Jeans

2016 has brought back the Mom jeans trend, a style that is a throwback to the mid 90's and that has many possibilities for any body type.

Though some may be reluctant to this style due to the shape it gives your behind or because it marks your thighs too much, there is a way in which all girls can sport this trend. Similar to boyfriend jeans but with a high waist, at OneHowTo we'd like to give you some great tips on how to wear Mom Jeans.

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  1. Casual style
  2. Mom jeans with boots
  3. Mom jeans with heels
  4. Mom jeans in Winter
  5. Mom jeans in Summer
  6. Other tips to wear Mom Jeans

Casual style

If you're planning to wear Mom jeans in a casual style, your best bet is to combine them with a t-shirt or shirt that you can tuck in the trousers. The trick is to make sure the top piece isn't too long so the fabric doesn't bulk up too much, creating a false tummy. Go for baseball t-shirts or monochrome for the latest look.

Cropped jackets or the trendy bomber jacket is ideal to combine if the weather is too cold.

On your feet, go for flat shoes such as sneakers or loafers that will let you show off your ankles.

How to Wear Mom Jeans - Casual style

Mom jeans with boots

It may seem a little bit tricky to combine mom jeans with boots, but it's not such a bad idea if you know how to do so. We advise you to wear boots if your Mom Jeans are tight fitting, as thus you can tuck the jeans inside them. However, if your jeans are wider, we advise you to make sure there's a space between the end of the boots and the beginning of the jeans, fold them up if you need to in order to make them look great. This is why, in this case, we advise you to go for booties or ankle boots. This option is also great for girls who are afraid of looking too short in mom jeans, as wearing these jeans with heeled booties is a great option.

How to Wear Mom Jeans - Mom jeans with boots

Mom jeans with heels

If you want to look taller or want to wear your Mom Jeans for a night out, your best bet if you want to look gorgeous is to choose Mules, as these don't grab your foot at the heel and will highlight your jeans even further. However, you can also combine them with some peep toe heels and you'll look equally gorgeous.

Combine them with a sleeveless shirt or sequined top that matches your heels and you're ready to go!

How to Wear Mom Jeans - Mom jeans with heels

Mom jeans in Winter

Who said you can't wear mom jeans in Winter? The greatest thing about Mom Jeans is to show off the waistline, so wearing a long jumper on top wight seem a little bit silly. Instead, wear a long sleeved shirt or cropped jumper. If you need something warmer to go outside the best option is to go for long coats such as trench coats, which you can also wear open. Wear with a Beanie or Borsalino hat to create the perfect look.

But what to do if they are ankle length? Fear not! You can wear transparent tights or stockings underneath so you're not cold at all!

How to Wear Mom Jeans - Mom jeans in Winter

Mom jeans in Summer

Mom jeans in summer are a perfect garment, you'll look great in them for a casual day out or a music festival! Wear a shoulder-less crop top, a sleeveless shirt tied with a knot at your navel and combine with a fringed vest. If you want a more romantic look, go for a baby-doll t-shirt you can tuck in your jeans, just make sure you also combine them with a belt.

But what to wear on your feet? A great idea is to wear wedged sandals, but they will also look great with espardilles if you're tall or wedged water sandals.

How to Wear Mom Jeans - Mom jeans in Summer

Other tips to wear Mom Jeans

Apart from all of the above, at OneHowTo we've got some few other tips so you look gorgeous in your new pair of jeans:

  • Don't be afraid of looking shorter, as Mom Jeans' waists are high, this will elongate your figure, though we advise you to choose shoes that don't cover your ankles.
  • If you don't like the shape of buttocks these Jeans create, a good idea is to wear another piece of clothing on top with the front open. Try with a long vest, an open long blazer or similar. This is also a great strategy to hide wide hips.
  • If you want to hide your stomach a bit, we advise you to wear compression tights underneath or girdle.

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How to Wear Mom Jeans