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How to Wear a Fringe Vest

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Wear a Fringe Vest
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Fringe vests are in fashion this year and are a perfect accessory for updating your look to something more stylish. Depending on how you coordinate your fringe vest, you could make a fashion statement in a number of ways: from an urban look to a more hippy look.

At OneHowTo, we would like to show you how to wear a fringe vest so that you can wow in this fashion piece. Which one do you prefer?

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  1. An urban look with a fringe vest
  2. A rock chick look with a fringed vest
  3. A girly look with a fringe vest
  4. Hippy-style fringed vests

An urban look with a fringe vest

Fringe vests can be a perfect complement to inject your look with a modern and urban flavour. To wear a fringe vest for a look that's ideal for going into town, we recommend matching it with jeans and a basic t-shirt in any colour. You can also add a hat to your look, which will give it a unique and personal touch.

Footwear for this look should be comfortable and in keeping with the chosen style: adding some flat shoes or sneakers will create a very current urban look.

How to Wear a Fringe Vest - An urban look with a fringe vest
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A rock chick look with a fringed vest

Fringe vests can vary in colour: from coffee-coloured to black. If you want to work a rock chick look, you could wear the fringed vest over dark clothes, such as a dress or a t-shirt.

If you choose to wear a t-shirt, the lower half of your rock-chick look could comprise of a pair of leather trousers or distressed denim shorts for a fiercer look.

Accessories are what truly makes the rock chick look: adding necklaces, bracelets and metallic rings to your outfit will give your style some edge. In this article you can find out how to dress like a rocker and rock it.

How to Wear a Fringe Vest - A rock chick look with a fringed vest
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A girly look with a fringe vest

If you're a girly girl and would like to know how to wear a fringed vest to create a girly look, bear in mind that you could wear a vest that has unusual patterns: floral prints would be ideal to give your style a unique twist.

Match a fringe vest with a black T-shirt and some jeans or casual trousers and you'll wow in a girly yet very stylish look. Add some stilettos to your outfit for a girly, elegant look and apply some red lipstick. You'll be irresistible!

How to Wear a Fringe Vest - A girly look with a fringe vest
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Hippy-style fringed vests

If you are passionate about hippy fashion, you're bound to love the fringe vest trend. And this ethnic trend was widely showcased in the 1960s by hippies who believed in world peace and love.

To work a fringe vest and rock a hippy style, we suggest coordinating it with flared trousers and cowboy boots or platform shoes. If you prefer, you could wear a fringed vest with a floaty white maxi dress for a hippy, summery look.

Add some floral accessories to your outfit for that quintessential hippy look: flower garlands, nature-inspired jewellery, floral patterns and so on. In the next article we show you how to dress like a hippy.

How to Wear a Fringe Vest - Hippy-style fringed vests
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How to Wear a Fringe Vest