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How to Wear Kurtis with Jeans

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: June 2, 2017
How to Wear Kurtis with Jeans

Wearing kurtis with jeans is one of the most fantastic ways of adorning an indo-western look. This is a kind of hassle-free ethnic look that you can wear on your everyday basis, as well as to on occasions in which there is dancing involved, such as sangeet nights. If you are planning to wear kurtis with jeans, then there are many ways of changing your looks from one day to the other. Here in this oneHOWTO article, we are going to show you how to wear kurtis with jeans in different styles.

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  1. Short kurti with jeans
  2. Shirt style round bottom kurti
  3. Long-short style kurti
  4. Plain colored kurti with a waistcoat
  5. Long straight kurti
  6. Front slit kurti
  7. Asymmetrical kurti style
  8. Closed collar kurti
  9. Chikan kurti

Short kurti with jeans

Pairing a printed short kurti with jeans gives a glamorous look which looks like a mixture of an Indian traditional kurti and a chic western top. Wear it with your favorite jeans and let it go with a few minimal accessories.This is the perfect kurti to wear at the office.

How to Wear Kurtis with Jeans - Short kurti with jeans

Shirt style round bottom kurti

Contemporary working women need something that looks special, but without much effort. They should look good, but without keeping their hands busy adjusting their saree or dupatta. So, a shirt style round bottomed kurti paired with jeans will look chic as well as stay easy. This is a shirt style kurti with half or full buttons. Wear it with a pair of jeans, and wrap a scarf round your neck if you want.

How to Wear Kurtis with Jeans - Shirt style round bottom kurti

Long-short style kurti

This one is the latest fashion trend among Indian women. This kurti is usually shorter from the front and longer from the back. This is a popular style among women who don’t want to show off their buttocks by wearing short tops. When paired with jeans, this style of kurti looks fabulous. This look can be glamorously carried by working women as well as college girls. It gives a chic look, yet it is easy to keep up with.

How to Wear Kurtis with Jeans - Long-short style kurti

Plain colored kurti with a waistcoat

Wearing a plain colored kurti with a waistcoat, and pairing it with jeans, like Alia Bhatt does in 2 states, renders a simple yet sophisticated look to the wearer. Sometimes, you need to buy a separate waistcoat and match with your plain kurtis, while some kurtis come attached with a matching waistcoat. Style the kurti with tight fitting jeans and look fabulous.

How to Wear Kurtis with Jeans - Plain colored kurti with a waistcoat

Long straight kurti

Another kurti style that you can wear with a pair of jeans is a long straight printed kurti. This kind of kurti looks fabulous both with jeans and leggings. You can even drape a dupatta for a stylish and ethnic look.

How to Wear Kurtis with Jeans - Long straight kurti

Front slit kurti

Slit kurtis are a brand new fashion style driving women crazy all over the country. The front slit kurti is a chic variant of this fashion style. You can wear it with a pair of jeggings or jeans and get ready for your office or college. It looks stylish yet it is comfortable to carry around all day. Your jeans will keep peeping through as you walk down the floor.

How to Wear Kurtis with Jeans - Front slit kurti

Asymmetrical kurti style

The hems of this kurti are designed not to be in symmetry. It can be low from one end and short on the other. One style is to keep it short in the middle and longer on the sides. You can pair it with cool jeans of your choice, and get going.

How to Wear Kurtis with Jeans - Asymmetrical kurti style

Closed collar kurti

A closed collar kurti paired with jeans looks absolutely edgy and professional. If you are a professional woman in an upper class position, you can make an edge wearing this kurti with jeans. You can stitch a Chinese style sherwani collar to add a formal look to your kurti.


How to Wear Kurtis with Jeans - Closed collar kurti

Chikan kurti

If you want a classy look while keeping in touch with your cultural roots, then wear a chikan work kurti with your favorite pair of jeans. It will give you a glamorous yet traditional ensemble that will look ethnic yet modern.

Now you know how to wear a kurti with jeans, take a look at how to mix and match kurtis to make sure you find the style that suits you best!

How to Wear Kurtis with Jeans - Chikan kurti

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How to Wear Kurtis with Jeans