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How to Style a Kurti

By Sara . Updated: June 2, 2017
How to Style a Kurti

A Kurti is the most versatile piece of clothing. It can be teamed with a number of bottom wear and each one will give you a new look. Also, kurti comes in various shapes and sizes and is extremely diverse in its design and embroidery. Whether it is an office party or wedding reception, the right kurti will jazz up your look instantly. If anytime you can’t decide which look to flaunt then turn your head to our Bollywood divas and you will definitely be inspired. To know more about styling the kurti keep reading this OneHowTo article on How to style a Kurti.

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  1. Kurti and Churidar
  2. Kurti and Leggings
  3. Kurti and Palazzos
  4. Kurti and Jeans
  5. Kurt and skirt
  6. Kurti as a dress

Kurti and Churidar

When paired with a Churidar, a Kurti brings out the ultimate classic Indian look. Nothing can match the grace of a Churidar when paired with the right Kurti. One most important rule while pairing a Kurti with a Churidar is: avoid short Kurtis.

How to Style a Kurti - Kurti and Churidar
Image: pakistyles

Kurti and Leggings

The super comfy leggings are an ultimate match for your kurti. Leggings are made up of stretchable fabrics and so it doesn’t matter if you are overweight or underweight, you will find it an awesome option to pair your kurti with. It is also a great way to wear kurti in the office!

How to Style a Kurti - Kurti and Leggings
Image: sweetcouch

Kurti and Palazzos

During the hot sweltering summer your hand automatically stretches to pick up a garment which is breezy and yet stylish. At such times palazzos can become your best friend. Kurti teamed up with palazzos gives the perfect urban ethnic look and beside our Bollywood divas are flaunting this look with élan.

How to Style a Kurti - Kurti and Palazzos
Image: pinterest

Kurti and Jeans

Nothing fails the good old jeans, not even our kurtis. Jeans and kurti is an almost perfect combination and it will never go out of vogue. Any knee length kurti can be paired with jeans and it’s best to avoid a long kurti with jeans. You can team up your kurti with jeggings too. Have a look at how Alia Bhatt styles her kurtis in 2 states.

How to Style a Kurti - Kurti and Jeans
Image: fashocity

Kurt and skirt

Who thought two flowing garments can’t be paired with one another? A Kurti and skirt is here to break the rule and at the same time brings out a look so wonderful that you would love to flaunt it.

How to Style a Kurti - Kurt and skirt
Image: indiabazaaronline

Kurti as a dress

If you have tried all the above looks and you are ready to explore new styles then turn your Kurti into a dress. You won’t need to change anything in the kurti. Just add a clinched belt at the waist and, if you want, a sherwani collar to make it more formal. If your Kurti has a well defined waist line then you can leave out the belt. Just make sure that you have put on the right footwear as it can make or break your look.

You can even learn how to stitch a Kurti at home by yourself if you prefer!

How to Style a Kurti - Kurti as a dress
Image: pinterest

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Nice blog, you are looking stunning in every picture, Women blessed with an hour glass figure look good in almost all types of attire, be it kurtis like salwar kameez, saree, lehengas or anarkali suits
Image: pakistyles
Image: sweetcouch
Image: pinterest
Image: fashocity
Image: indiabazaaronline
Image: pinterest
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How to Style a Kurti