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How to Wear Kurtis in the Office

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. June 2, 2017
How to Wear Kurtis in the Office

Kurti is undoubtedly an essential element of any Indian woman’s closet. This is an ethnic piece of clothing that caters to all needs of the modern fashion world of the country. Kurti is an ideal comfort wear due to which it becomes suitable to be worn at the office too. Office wear for Indian women means a mixture of casual as well as formal wear. You may look smart in formal shirts, pants and blazers, but they give a monotonous, boring feel if worn everyday. Kurtis work wonders to add some style and color to your office wardrobe. For an office woman, kurtis add a feminine charm to their ensemble. We have already told you How to Mix and Match Kurtis. Here at oneHOWTO, you will get the best of help for how to wear kurtis in office.

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  1. Know the types of kurtis you can wear to office
  2. Tips to style your kurti
  3. Accessorize to complete your look

Know the types of kurtis you can wear to office

Kurtis are in high demand to be worn at the office. You can either buy them un-stitched and get them tailor-made by your tailor, or buy them stitched, ready to be worn instantly. Here, you will learn How to Stitch Kurtis yourself. You will love the look and comfort they will give you while working. There are so many types of kurtis that you can wear to get a new look everyday. Some of the most common ones are:

  • Straight and long kurtis: Perfect for those of you who are tall.
  • Short kurtis: These are best suited with palazzo type pants or jeans. They will give you an extremely modern touch.
  • Tail-cut kurtis: Maybe not the most practical if you usually move a lot around the office, but are a great wildcard if you're going out and about after office hours.
  • A-shaped kurtis: Sweet and formal, this is the perfect combination for office attire.
  • Anarkali kurtis: This type of kurti is perfect for a formal office but will still give you that sweet touch.
  • Angrakha style kurtis: If you want to keep looking traditional, this is one of the best choices for you. Give the kurti some patterns to look lively.
  • Dhoti type kurtis: Perfect for the most casual offices, this is the perfect laid-back outfit you're looking for.
  • Flared kurtis: Pretty and extremely feminine, this will give you more of a girly look. It is also a great choice if you don't have time to go home and are having dinner out after work.
  • Gown style kurtis: Not the most recommended for the office, as they will look to glamorous and heavy but, hey, if you want to stand out from the crowd, go ahead.
  • Princess cut kurtis: This will give you an elegant and conservative style. Pair wisely and you can create a more modern, sober look.
  • Double layered kurtis: Another type of kurti that is perfect for a more chilled office environment. This boho kurti will make you look feminine whilst keeping it causal.
  • Kaftan style kurtis: A great choice for hot weather, a kaftan kurti will help your skin breate and will also give you a modern and sophisticated touch.

Just like there are so many types of kurtis to be worn in the office, there are so many types of pants to be worn with them too, including leggings, plain salwars, Patiala salwars, cigarette pants, skirts, palazzos, jeans, etc.

How to Wear Kurtis in the Office - Know the types of kurtis you can wear to office
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Tips to style your kurti

Choosing a kurti is not enough, you have to style it too so that it looks suitable to be worn at office. Here are a few tips that you can get help from:

  1. Kurtis can be your safest bet when you wear them at office. You may wear them from printed to plain, long to short, loose to fitted, or anything else. You can easily play with them, and you will never be labeled as an oldie..
  2. Embroidered kurtis can give you a slightly formal look, but if you are going to stay simple, go for a simple straight kurti
  3. Avoid wearing party-wear, heavily embroidered, sequence studded kurtis to office. They may make you look over-dressed, and will not be a suitable look for workplace.
  4. Choose the bottoms that best suit your body frame. Salwars are comfortable, but if you think of salwars as outdated, you are wrong. Fashionistas are heading towards a whole new world of salwars, including Patiala salwars, slim fit ones, dhoti ones and many more. Normal salwars look good on everyone, but go for Patiala if you are too thin, or narrow ones if you are a little bulky
  5. If you don’t like wearing salwars with your kurtis, you have other options as well. Cigarette pants, tight fit leggings and palazzos are the best bet for office wear.
  6. Kurtis, especially the short kurtis, pair well with jeans as well. If you are allowed to wear jeans at office, then it can be a nice wear for you. Short kurtis look very well with denims, but if you are looking for a formal setup at office, you are advised to skip this ensemble. Jeans give a casual look to your appearance, which some office goers may not like to flaunt. Click here to know How to Wear Kurtis with Jeans for more information.

Accessorize to complete your look

Once you have worn the kurti and bottoms of your choice, you need to wear the proper accessorize to complete your look. Make sure you don't miss out on any of our suggestions:

Jutti with kurti

Juttis are cheap, they serve the purpose of both shoes and flip flops, and they are available in a huge range of variety too. You can go for simple juttis, kolhapuris or jodhpuris. Customized juttis are also doing rounds in the market.

Heel shoes with kurti

Smart heels go well with Indian ethnic wear, but sports shoes can make you a total fashion disaster, which is why you will look much better in heeled shoes. However, if you don't want to suffer the strain of uncomfortable footwear while in the office, one of the best choices is to go for ballet flats, they are really comfortable and will look classy with your kurti.

Jhumkas and kurti

Pair your kurti with jhumkas bangles and chunky rings, and complete the look with a tiny bindi on your forehead. If you prefer, you can take a look at how to make terracotta jhumkas at home for a great personalized touch.

Handbag and kurti

Although there are many types of bag that can go well with a kurti, when you are in the office it's best to go with something classic but that can carry all of your daily office essentials too. Therefore, we recommend you wear a hobo bag or a medium-sized cross-body bag that matches the color and style of your chosen kurti and bottoms.

How to Wear Kurtis in the Office - Accessorize to complete your look

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  • Keep bangles simple and not too shiny.
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How to Wear Kurtis in the Office