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What to Wear in India During Monsoon Season

By Sara . Updated: March 23, 2022
What to Wear in India During Monsoon Season

In most part of India, monsoon typically lasts from June to September.The monsoon has many benefits and brings out the green landscape of India and the smell of the lovely wet soil freshens up both body and mind. But it also brings dirty, wet feet, waterlogged roads and delay in public transport. The biggest dilemma that most people face during this season is about which type of outfit they should here. So, here are some tips about what to wear in India during monsoon season.

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  1. Fabric
  2. Raincoat
  3. Skirts
  4. Trousers-Pants
  5. Jackets
  6. Kurtis
  7. Saris
  8. Footwear
  9. Hair


Before deciding on which outfit to wear, we must know about the type of fabrics which are most suitable for the monsoon season. The fabric of clothes should be such that they dry off quickly and resist the stains of mud and water like cotton, crepe silk and natural fabrics. It’s better to avoid fabrics which stick to skin when they get wet. The fabrics which could be worn during Indian monsoon are light cotton and partially synthetic lycra, polyester and nylon. The fabrics should be of dark colors as light colors can get stained easily or become transparent when wet.


During Indian monsoon, the markets are flooded with coloured, printed and transparent raincoats. You can also go for a classic trench coat.

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What to Wear in India During Monsoon Season - Raincoat


Avoid long skirts during the monsoon season. Try short or knee length, pencil cut skirts.

What to Wear in India During Monsoon Season - Skirts


Monsoon is one of the best time to wear short or knee length pants. You can also try three quarters and capris. Avoid full length trousers as they get muddied due to splash backs or in puddles.

What to Wear in India During Monsoon Season - Trousers-Pants


If you are planning on trekking then a jacket is must. You can also use jacket if you have to walk a lot outside. Go for a trench coat or a windcheater with warm lining if you are planning a visit to a hill station. Any outfit teamed with a colourful jacket lights up the monsoon mood.


Instead of long salwar-kameez, you can go for a short kurti with dark leggings or churidar. Also, you can substitute the long dupattas with short cotton scarves. OneHowto also offers ideas on how to mix and match kurtis.

What to Wear in India During Monsoon Season - Kurtis


Among saris one of the safest bet during monsoon is khadi. It’s best to stay away from saris with Bandhani or Rajasthani prints as they tend to run colour when they are wet. For monsoon, keep away all your heavy brocade and designer saris. Opt for a light weight printed sari.

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What to Wear in India During Monsoon Season - Saris


When it comes to footwear, tall boots or gum boots are one of the best options as they keep the feet dry and clean. You can also go for rubber slippers and sandles, jelly shoes, bright plastic flip flops or floaters. Stay away from leather shoes, canvas shoes, sneakers and stilettos.

What to Wear in India During Monsoon Season - Footwear


We've all had a bad hair day and monsoon season is prone to frizzy and messy hair, that's why OneHowto would like to show you what hairstyles to wear on rainy days.

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Awesome tips for clothing during monsoon .
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What to Wear in India During Monsoon Season