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How to Mix and Match Kurtis

By Sara . Updated: June 2, 2017
How to Mix and Match Kurtis
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Kurtis are tunics which come in vibrant colors, patterns and eye catching beauty. They look gorgeous on every woman no matter what their body shape is. You can wear kurtis at work, at any special occasion such as sangeet nights or even as your daily wear. The only trick is to mix and match it properly.

In this article we will know how to mix and match kurtis.

According to Body Shape

The first thing we need to take into account when thinking how to mix and match kurtis is our own body shape. According to that, a kurti will suit us best in one way or another.

  • Pear Shape: Women with pear body shape have thin upper body and wide lower body. For women with such body it is important to draw attention to upper body. A – line kurtis look best on women with pear body shape. They should choose light colored kurtis and pair it with dark color bottom. Choose your preferred neck line as any neck line will suit such women. Pear shaped women should avoid tight kurtis and printed bottoms.
  • Apple Shape: Apple Shaped women have large upper body and thin legs. Women with such body should wear a kurti which can create an illusion of a curvy waist. Choose dark colored kurtis with V-neck pattern and belt pattern kurtis. Short cotton kurtis with leggings will accentuate your slim legs. Apple shaped women should avoid yoke pattern kurtis and mandarin collar pattern. Also avoid Patiala bottoms.
  • Inverted Triangle Shape: Women with an inverted triangle shape have large upper bodies so they should choose kurtis which draw attention to their slim part i.e. their lower body. They should choose strap pattern kurtis. You can match printed kurtis with embroidered leggings. Women with inverted triangle body shape should avoid kurtis with boat neck line and with heavy work on shoulder line.
  • Rectangle Shape: Women who have rectangle shaped body should try to create an illusion of curvey body. This can be achieved by wearing light colored frock style kurtis on skin tight jeans. They should avoid close fitting or tight fitting kurtis.
  • Hourglass Shape: Hourglass shaped women are the luckiest as they have a balanced upper and lower body with a well defined waist. Choose any kurti which accentuates your curve and waist line. Avoid loose fitting kurtis which tend to hide your curves.
How to Mix and Match Kurtis - According to Body Shape
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Mix and Match Kurti with Accessories

  • Dupatta: Dupatta usually comes along with the kurti set. Dupatta looks elegant with knee length kurtis.
  • Scarf: If the kurti is simple in monotone color then add a splash of color into your outfit with some beautiful scarf.
  • Stole: You can also match kurtis with a stole to create a beautiful and glamorous look. Fur stoles are available in market which can be matched with kurtis to create a different look.
  • Shoes: For daily wear, combine with matching sandals or add some heels if it's a more elegant affair.

Get inspired by how kurtis are nicely matched in Bollywood movies, such as the ones Alia Bhatt wears in 2 states.

The most important thing to take into account when mix and matching kurtis is to make sure you mix colors well. If you need some help with this you can visit our article on how to combine colors in clothes.

Plus, if you don't like any of the ready-made kurtis you find, OneHowto shows you how to stitch your own kurti and how to stitch a sherwani collar for your kurti.

How to Mix and Match Kurtis - Mix and Match Kurti with Accessories
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Image: commons.wikimedia.org
Image: sourcingandbuying, jabong, craftsvilla
Image: wordpress, culturestitch
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How to Mix and Match Kurtis