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How to Choose Shoes to Match a Dress

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: September 4, 2017
How to Choose Shoes to Match a Dress

We often face the question of which footwear we should wear with a certain outfit or on a certain occasion. The truth is that there are no written rules you have to follow and no solution for all cases, although there are some things to consider to look great. In this oneHOWTO article we offer some advice on how to choose shoes to match a dress.

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  1. According to the occasion
  2. Short or long dress
  3. Color of the dress and shoes
  4. Prints
  5. Heels, yes or no?
  6. Other accessories

According to the occasion

One of the first things we must consider when choosing a shoe is the type of event or occasion in question. That is, your choice of footwear will not be the same for an informal occasion as for a formal occasion with a dress code. The type of shoes that you wear can completely change your look from casual to semi formal, especially when combined with the right hairstyle, makeup and jewelry, and can make you look expensive on a budget for a special occasion. Take a look at the following articles so you can match your dress and shoes according to the degree of formality of the event:

How to Choose Shoes to Match a Dress - According to the occasion

Short or long dress

Also shoes may vary based on the length of the dress; although there is no general rule, short dresses tend not to go with closed shoes or heels. For long dresses down to the toes, heels are recommended so that you do not step on the dress, although if you are tall, it is possible to dress with flat shoes. Check out what shoes to wear with a maxi dress if you're still undecided.

How to Choose Shoes to Match a Dress - Short or long dress

Color of the dress and shoes

When choosing shoes, you must always keep in mind the color of the dress to well make the best choice. The dress and shoes do not need to be the same color, but you need to combine them correctly. Some colors are always more difficult to combine, so at oneHOWTO we have some tips for you:

How to Choose Shoes to Match a Dress - Color of the dress and shoes


On the other hand, you also have the possibility of choosing prints if your dress permits it. This means that if you are wearing a plain and / or simple dress, it can be combined with patterned or colorful shoes, while if it's a dress-with ornate jewels and decoration etc., it is best to opt for discrete shoes and so as not to overshadow the dress.

How to Choose Shoes to Match a Dress - Prints

Heels, yes or no?

The final decision of choosing whether to wear heels or not will be yours alone, because you will need to assess whether this is a good choice. Besides the type of occasion -since formal occasions almost always require heels- you must also take into account factors like where you're going, if you'll need to spend hours standing, the wearing capacity of your heels... If you're not going to feel comfortable in heels, look for flat shoes to match your dress although wedges are a great alternative to heels. Or there is always the option of combining both, and once you get tired of heels, replace them with flats.

How to Choose Shoes to Match a Dress - Heels, yes or no?

Other accessories

To be properly combined with dress shoes, we cannot forget the rest of the accessories. For example, shoes and bag do not need to be the same color, but you have to make sure the accessories go with the dress and make a great outfit.

How to Choose Shoes to Match a Dress - Other accessories

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How to Choose Shoes to Match a Dress