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What to Wear on Cinco de Mayo Day

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: May 31, 2018
What to Wear on Cinco de Mayo Day

Cinco de Mayo day is a date to celebrate the victory of the Mexican army against the French, and is a highly celebrated holiday in Mexico and the US. As time has gone by, this celebration has become a chance to celebrate Mexican heritage for people from a Mexican origin around the World, this is why Cinco de Mayo is celebrated more and more each year.

Apart from drinking margaritas and devouring guacamole and other traditional food, Cinco de Mayo parties are also well known by the way people dress, so if you've been invited to one and don't know what to wear, OneHowTo gives you a guide on what to wear on Cinco de Mayo day.

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  1. Traditional Mexican Attire
  2. Mexican-inspired prints
  3. Accessories
  4. Dress up as the Mexican army
  5. What Colors to Wear on Cinco de Mayo

Traditional Mexican Attire

As we've pointed out, Cinco de Mayo is all about celebrating Mexican heritage, so what better way to do so than dressing up in traditional Mexican outfits for the occasion?

Due to the fact that Mexico has lots of different cultures, each of its region has their own traditional clothing. For example, for men, use a Serape or shawl in a striped pattern, a pair of jeans and cowboy boots, meanwhile, women can go for an Oaxaca dress, which is a silky, long and flared skirt with a cotton printed top.

However, men can also go for the classic Mariachi or Chorro outfit if they prefer too.

What to Wear on Cinco de Mayo Day - Traditional Mexican Attire

Mexican-inspired prints

If you don't own a traditional dress or don't want to splash out on one, another option is to go for Mexican-inspired fashion, as it's very much in fashion at the moment you'll easily find something in clothes shops, or you may have something around your house that could do the trick.

For women, put on a honeycomb blouse or crop top with a flared skirt. A white cotton shirt with flower patterns is also a good option, and if it has tassels even better. You can also go for embroidered skirts and dresses with flowers.

For men, go for brown trousers, a white shirt and a red handkerchief you can fold into a triangle and tie around your neck.

What to Wear on Cinco de Mayo Day - Mexican-inspired prints


Another option if you don-t know what to wear on Cinco de Mayo day is to just add an accessory to your outfit for the day. A Mexican hat may be the most typical accessory to wear, but you have plenty of options.

For women, put some nice flowers in your hair or wear a flower garland. A black apron with a flowered rim is also very typical. Pompom necklaces will also do the trick.

For men, a fringed poncho will look good, or wear a guitar strapped across your chest to look like a Mariachi. Add a fake mustache if you like.

What to Wear on Cinco de Mayo Day - Accessories

Dress up as the Mexican army

As we've mentioned, Cinco de Mayo commemorates the defeat of the French army in the hands of the Mexicans. You may know that this battle was held in Puebla in 1846. This is why a good idea is to dress up as the Mexican army that defeated the French in the famous battle.

To do so, wear a sombrero made out of hay, linen trousers and a brown poncho. Make sure you also have a toy sword in hand and some cowboy boots.

For women, you can get a typical Puebla dress, which is usually made of cotton and is embroidered with beautiful patterns.

What to Wear on Cinco de Mayo Day - Dress up as the Mexican army

What Colors to Wear on Cinco de Mayo

Though there are plenty of options, another way to commemorate Cinco de Mayo with your clothing is to wear the colors that represent this day better: the colors of the Mexican Flag. Wear a combination of green, white and red to create the flag with your clothing. Another option is to get a Mexican flag and drape it around your body to improvise a dress.

Now you know how to dress, take a look at what to take to a Cinco de Mayo party!

What to Wear on Cinco de Mayo Day - What Colors to Wear on Cinco de Mayo

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What to Wear on Cinco de Mayo Day