How to make your trousers bigger

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to make your trousers bigger

Either because you have gained some weight during the holidays or because you're still growing or simply because you can't bring yourself to get rid of those jeans that you love, even if they stay tighter than they should. We've all had an excuse for wanting to make our favourite trousers one size bigger, so here at we explain how to make your trousers or pants bigger easily.

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Steps to follow:

To enlarge your pants you should get yourself of some elastic, but to make it discrete it is best to choose one of the same width of the waistband and of a similar colour. If, for example, you are going to increase the size of blue jeans, a blue elastic works best.


In principle it is good to know that such changes are necessary only when you need to increase the waist size of your pants, i.e enlarge them by an average of 5 centimetres.


Measure your the waist of your trousers and then proceed to measure yourself so you can determine by exactly how many centimetres must enlarge your pants. Then divide that number in half, suppose you enlarge them 5 cm, and 2.5 cm will then be 2.5cms on each side.


Cut the elastic tape 5 millimetres bigger than you need. If we enlarge the pants 2,5cms side will cut two pieces of tape of 3cms.


Then proceed to choosing the place on the waistband where you will place it, preferably on the sides. Mark this site considering that you need to divide the centimetres that you are going to add in half again. They will be 2,5cms in total, i.e the elastic must have 1.25cms on each side.


Where do you have marked, you need to cut a V-shaped cut from the top downwards. Repeat the procedure on the other side of the waist to where you have made the mark.


This space is where you position the elastic. Make sure that it remains in perfect position, completely covering the cut. So it will not move when you're sewing, fixed it with a pin.


You can sew it with a machine or by hand, just make sure to use a discrete thread and that the needle is small. Complete the process on the other side of the waist. The elastic it will be covered when you use your pants with a jacket or shirt.


If you just want to stretch them a little you can apply another technique that also works very well: wash your pants and when they are wet do some hard waist stretches for at least 1 minute. Repeat the procedure about 5 times and let dry. When you try them on, they will probably feel looser.

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How to make your trousers bigger
How to make your trousers bigger

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