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How to dress to look younger

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How to dress to look younger

All women like to look young and this is why we take care of ourselves on a daily basis. There are factors that are crucial to our image making us appear older or younger and the same is true with clothing which has the power to make a woman reflect the fresh and modern style of a younger woman, or even the opposite. With a few simple tricks, you can turn around your clothing, wear younger items and look effortlessly spectacular. Take a look at this OneHowTo article and discover how to dress to look younger.

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If you want to get a modern look that is younger-looking and more attractive, you must make significant changes in your usual outfits. Therefore, the first step to project a more youthful image is to update your wardrobe. This does not mean getting rid of all your clothes and buy new ones. Simply throw out your old clothes which you don't wear anymore and which are out of style and replace them with new ones.


Check websites and fashion catalogues to keep up-to-date with what are the latest trends and get ideas for your next outfits. Now, you can find the same clothes as young people are wearing in your size or in larger shops for older people. So now there is nothing stopping you from dressing fashionably and finding clothes that make you look younger.


Bring out your inner daring-self and courage to try new fabrics, clothing colors, accessories and, especially, combinations of clothes. In most cases, the problem is not so much the clothes themselves, but rather the way they are combined and complemented. Do not hesitate to seek advice from someone close and get advised from professionals when you go to buy clothes.


There are clothes that dress-up your figure and allow a woman to have a more youthful appearance. Here you can discover some of the more common:

  • Jeans. A pair of jeans are a must-have in your closet if you want to look young and fresh. Choose a style to suit your legs and feels good about your figure.
  • Skinny jeans are the latest craze and they are available in all sorts of colors and even the black ones are ideal for a more elegant and sophisticated look.
  • Wear more dresses and skirts above the knee to look younger. Discard three-quarter lengths that reach the calf as they will make you look older.
  • Printed t-shirts are perfect to combine with skirts or straight pants and they provide a more modern touch to your style.
  • Complete your look with youthful fashion accessories. Replace your classic lines with a more modern trend in one color. Discards also traditional gold and silver jewelry in favor of pieces that complement your new wardrobe.

Dress according to the shape of your figure. This is a point that you should keep in mind if you want to look younger. Highlighting the physical qualities you love and hiding others is key to enhancing your beauty and looking perfect for any occasion. Now you have the opportunity to refine your figure and get it looking firm and smooth by choosing the right underwear and using items such as reducing strips.


To look younger through your clothes, you do not need to wear extra short, tight or transparent clothing. It is best to look smart and sensual without actually touching vulgarity. Remember looking younger does not mean dressing like a twenty-year-old, as trying to dress like youngsters may age you even more, try to follow trends without imitating teenagers and get a more sophisticated version of the trend.

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How to dress to look younger
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How to dress to look younger