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How to Look Expensive on a Budget

Alice Marini
By Alice Marini. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Look Expensive on a Budget

Looking expensive on a budget is easier than you might think. While people think looking expensive is all about bling and designer clothes, that might well not be the case. If you ask any fashion pro some how to look expensive tips, they will surely say that the simpler, the better. Think about a star like Jennifer Aniston: she looks elegant and expensive, much more than many other bling bling stars out there. Attention to details is key to looking expensive for cheap, that is why a step by step guide such as the one we give you today at OneHowTo will make you think about little issues you probably overlooked, but that make you look "cheap". Take note of our tips as we tell you how to look expensive on a budget.

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Steps to follow:


how to look expensive on a budget: how to look expensively dressed

If you want to look expensive for cheap, you might certainly want to look expensively dressed. Here are some dos and donts of how to look expensively dressed:

  • first of all, if you want to know how to look expensive on a budget, keep in mind that clothes do not need to be expensive to look expensive. The key is: if it is cheap, keep it simple. For example, wearing a fake silk scarf looks cheap, while wearing jeans, a white top and a pair of ankle boots looks simple and chic. Do not try to imitate fashion week on a budget: cheap jeweled embellishments or glitters look what they are: cheap. Looking expensive on a budget is more about knowing what looks tacky and avoid it than spending a fortune on clothes
  • Avoid prominent brand labels on your clothes. Looking like a billboard is the number one mistake that people make when they want to look expensively dressed on a budget
  • a good place to start with expensive looking cheap clothes is Zara as they have lots of basic garments that are good quality for the price they cost
  • if you want to look expensive on a budget, wear natural fabrics such as cotton and wool. Polyester looks cheap, especially is we are talking about cheap polyester to begin with
  • If you buy a knitted blouse, make sure it is thick enough so that it does not show your underwear. Cheap knitted jumpers tend to be thin, try to avoid that effect if you want to look expensive on a budget
  • Jeans are a basic of looking expensive for cheap. Buy thick jeans, avoid jeggings at all costs
  • Cardigan sweaters are great making you look expensive. They give the body volume and length. Sometimes, when you want to look expensive for cheap, the longer the better. A cardigan that covers your knees looks very chic, and gives you a boho chic look.
  • Other cheap and chic items you cannot go wrong with are a long coat, a black dress, and a clutch
  • Do not wear cheap short dresses that are very tight because tight clothes reveal their price much more than loose ones. To look expensive on a budget, opt for a simple medium short, slightly loose dress, chic and classy.
  • Wear clothes that fit you perfectly, this is the best how to look expensive tip. Anything can look cheap if it doesn't fit you. If you get a deal from a cheap shop, but the dress doesn't fit you well on, let's say the waist, bring it to the tailor and it will look like a tailor made dress
  • Do not be afraid to change something from your clothes: for example, changing some basic bottons with some classy ones such as mother pearl, can make a real impact, and make your outfit look unique, i.e. expensive
  • In general, buy cheap basic clothes and search for some unique details on Etsy or at the artisan markets, it is the best way to look expensively dressed
  • Wear black and other neutral color, they look better on cheap clothes than eye catching colors
  • When it comes to jewelry that make you look expensive on a budget, you have different options: you can choose a statement piece in a inexpensive material such as metal or felt, but it needs to be original, a hand made one found in a artisans market will do. Otherwise, you can opt for ethnic jewelry made of inexpensive stones such as amber. You should avoid the emporium factory made 1 dollar pearl bracelet and anything similar to that. If you want very cheap jewelry, then keep it simple. A simple chain with a small pendant for example
  • A very important part of how to look expensive on a budget is shoes. This is the single item we would recommend you spending money on, if you need to pick one. You can buy second hand if you are on a tight budget. Good shoes last longer, so they will make you save money anyway. You should have your good pair of everyday classic looking shoes that you can wear with anything: black leather ankle boots and a good pair of black sandals are good examples. What you really need to avoid if you want to look expensive for cheap is high heels, even worse if they make you wobble. Cheap high heels look a bit tacky, and wobbling is the exact opposite of looking expensive
  • Here is another key point of how to look expensive on a budget: the bag. Now, the bag is something, like shoes, you should probably spend some money on if you want to look expensive. A good leather bag helps you greatly in achieving an expensive look, the same goes for a simple designer bag. Choose a comfortable design such as a shopping bag or cross body bag, preferably black, so you can combine it with anything. If you really want to save money on your bag, then avoid faux leather and opt for natural materials such as cotton
  • A funny thing to do if you want to look expensively dressed is to roam around a rich area and try to reproduce the looks you see, but on a budget
How to Look Expensive on a Budget - Step 1

How to look expensive on a budget: maintainance

  • Iron or steam your clothes, you will see how much more expensive they look
  • Take good care of your stuff instead of buying new items. This is a good money saving tip as well. Fold your clothes accurately, do not wash them in high temperature water, fix them when they get damaged. For example, replacing bottons and heels is much cheaper than buying new ones
  • always have your leather polished and whatever you wear brushed and clean to look expensive on a budget

How to look expensive on a budget: how to look expensive - hair

  • The first rule when it comes to hair that look expensive is that the color should perfectly match your skin tone, it has to look natural, not artificial
  • avoid dry hair, moisturise your hair all the time to look expensive hair, of course without making it oily
  • retouch your roots very often to look expensive
  • an expensive looking hair idea is the evergreen sun kissed highlights: natural and classy
  • in general, if you want to look like you have expensive hair, you hair must look healthy and natural

How to look expensive on a budget: how to look expensive tips

Other tips to look expensive for cheap are:

  • always have manicured nails, but be careful about nail polish as no polish is better than damaged polish, when it comes to looking expensive
  • wear big black sunglasses, they are feminine and elegant
  • do not use too much make up, and choose natural colors. Do not look tacky
  • take good care of your teeth: white teeth immediately give an expensive feel
  • choose a good classic, sophisticated scent, and make it your signature smell, it will immediately make you look expensive
  • learn basic etiquette: having good manners is really the best how to look expensive tip

Finally, be yourself and be confident: remember, money are no guarantee for looking good, and it is possible to look amazing, and look expensive on a budget!

How to Look Expensive on a Budget - Step 4

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How to Look Expensive on a Budget