How To Get A Casual Chic Look

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Get A Casual Chic Look
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Sport and chic sound like two words that could never go together. Can you be wearing chic sportswear? The latest trend that is setting the world of fashion shows so. Celebrities have fallen for the sport chic look or sporty chic and are proving comfortable and casual wear need not lose one iota of elegance. In we'd like to give you some tips on how to get a casual chic look.

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Steps to follow:

Sporty chic is one of the key trends to be fashionable in winter 2014-2015 wearing sweatshirts, tees and running sneakers. They are starting to appear everywhere.


There are two key elements that have to be taken into account when learning how to dress casual chic. The first is that you need some very elegant or high quality item, such as heeled shoes. The second is that you should add comfortable and casual clothing to your outfit , as a sweatshirt can be.


One of sport chic fans' favorite combinations - and easier to create - is to mix an elegant or very chic dress with sneakers. So you get to keep all the elegance and will also get rid of the discomfort of heels.

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You do not have to only limit yourself to dresses. Skirts (Especially tube) or the most chic pants are also perfect for creating a sport chic look if you add sneakers or a sweatshirt.

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Although when wearing a casual chic look you do not have to limit the amount of sportswear to sneakers, there is the possibility of mixing sportswear with elegant shoes. For example, you can use sweaters or shirts and wear them with sandals or a stilettos.

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The sport chic look is perfect for comfort and can work in many types of situations. For example, you can add it to your office outfits, you only have to include a sweatshirt to your usual look to go to work to get that sport chic touch.


Finally, be very careful with accessories. Since they are the ones who can tip the balance toward the chic side. Use scarves or very feminine necklaces create the perfect look and remove any excess weight you may have put on your sportswear.

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How To Get A Casual Chic Look
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How To Get A Casual Chic Look

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