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How to Dress a Pear Shaped Body

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Dress a Pear Shaped Body

Your body is a pear or triangle type? If so, your body has a greater volume in the hips, buttocks and thighs compared to the narrowness of the upper torso, which is much finer and thinner. This is a very typical figure for Latina women and it gives them a very feminine and seductive appearance. However, it is always useful to know what kind of clothes are the most flattering for every body type and look not those that detract beauty silhouette. Do not miss these tips! This article OneHowTo shows you in detail how to dress a pear shaped body. Find the perfect formula to dazzle with looks that are super flattering for you.

  1. What is the pear body like?
  2. Skirts and dresses for pear body
  3. Shirts and printed t-shirts
  4. Bell bottom pants
  5. Shoes and accessories
  6. What you should avoid...

What is the pear body like?

The pear shaped body differs from the rest by presenting a thin upper torso and narrow compared to the hips, which are wide and bulky. However, having a well-defined waist and appearance is very feminine and attractive. Here are the most distinctive features of this body type:

  • Narrower and thinner shoulders than the hips.
  • Bulky rear and wide hips.
  • small breasts.
  • narrow and defined waist.

Therefore, the aim when dress if you have pear body should be to bring visibility to the upper body, enhancing the breasts and highlighting the waist, while we hide the width of the hips. This is the only way to harmonize all and look more stylish and high. Some of the celebrities who have this body type are Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé or Alicia Keys.

How to Dress a Pear Shaped Body - What is the pear body like?

Skirts and dresses for pear body

The most flattering dresses for women with pear body are those that enhance the chest and waist and, conversely, hide the width of the hips. These are what are called empire cut dresses or A-line, which are adjusted to the chest and then flow over the hips and fall perfectly concealing its dimensions.

And if you want to hit with the choice of dress, ideal for you it is to take a dress empire cut above the knee, which is low cut with a belt at the waist just below the chest and high-heeled shoes. You'll be simply spectacular! Also consider that those models cover the shoulders. They are ideal to bring you more volume to the upper body.

On the other hand, as to the skirts you should prefer those starting above the hips and go up to the knees or ankles, because this way divert attention towards the end of the body and hide the wider area. If you go to choose skirts with beads, see that these are placed at the bottom hem and not the hips.

How to Dress a Pear Shaped Body - Skirts and dresses for pear body

Shirts and printed t-shirts

Another great option for disguising the width of the hips, harmonize and balance of the body is to wear shirts, blouses, tops or flashy pullovers, i.e. can be with beautiful prints, frills, fringes, rhinestones, sequins, beads or bright and vivid colors.

Many necklines give prominence to the top of the trunk, they are excellent alternatives which are V-shaped, boat shaped or strapless. We also will lay great all those loose blouses or shirts with wide sleeves.

It is also important that you also keep an eye on the length of the upper garments.Therefore it is best they are either short or long , but in no case ending just above the hips, because then they will highlight their volume and prominence.

How to Dress a Pear Shaped Body - Shirts and printed t-shirts

Bell bottom pants

When dressing if you have pear shaped body, it is also essential that you take notice of the shape of long pants or the jeans you're going to get. Undoubtedly, the Bell bottom pants or elephant foot are an incredible option, because they make all the attention focus on the bottom of the leg and not on your hips. Also, you will be great straight pants that are cut and high-waisted or starting at the waist, which are very fashionable and are also perfect to combine with crop tops or short shirts.

In addition to this, note that pants in dark tones like black, gray or navy blue will help you look slimmer and refine the hips. Combine them with upper garments in bright, bold colors and you will be perfect and very attractive.

How to Dress a Pear Shaped Body - Bell bottom pants

Shoes and accessories

Accessories have become an essential of any look and styling, and also in your case are perfect to give greater prominence to the upper body, i.e. the décolleté, neck and shoulders. You just have to add bright and jeweled necklaces, scarf prints or bright colors, big earrings or long extra collars that are different and shine in the limelight, etc. Remember that less is more and that you should not overdo it with accessories if you do not want to look too heavy.

As for footwear for women with pear shaped bodies, high heels to lengthen and sharpen your legs visually are ideal, so are high wedges, pointed shoes and all those models that are patterned, bright and colorful.

How to Dress a Pear Shaped Body - Shoes and accessories

What you should avoid...

  • Peplum dress.
  • Straight dresses that do not emphasize or mark the waist.
  • Pants or skirts with pockets on the back or details, pleats or ruffles on the hip area.
  • very short and tight skirts.
  • Skinny jeans.
  • Horizontal patterns in lower garments.
  • Boots up to the knee.

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How to Dress a Pear Shaped Body