How To Remove A Pimple On The Lip Fast

By Ameera Mills. Updated: June 4, 2020
How To Remove A Pimple On The Lip Fast

Do you have a pimple on your lip and want to get rid of it as soon as possible? We know how annoying unsightly impurities in this area of the face can be. We also understand the need to know how to remove them, fast. In this case you should take extreme hygiene measures and know how to perform an extraction correctly to prevent infection and the spread of bacteria.

In this oneHOWTO article we will tell you how to remove a pimple on the skin fast with the help of these remedies.

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Why do we get pimples on the lip?

Pimples on the lips or in the corners of your mouth appear in consequence of an obstruction of the pores of the skin by excessive accumulation of sebum secreted by the sebaceous glands. When sebum is excessive and remains stored in the pores there is, in turn, an accumulation of germs and dead cells which can result in inflammation due an impurity formation.

This overproduction of sebum can be caused by different factors, the most common being; hormonal changes, stress, poor diet and the use of poor quality or aggressive cosmetic products.

How To Remove A Pimple On The Lip Fast - Why do we get pimples on the lip?

Cleaning the affected area

Although our first impulse is to squeeze the pimple to drain all the purulent bacteria it contains, it is important to avoid doing this. If the pressure is exerted it can cause the bacteria to spread to other areas causing new pimples, in addition to increasing the risk of unsightly scars that are difficult to eliminate.

Thus, the first thing to do before removing a pimple on the lip is to focus on cleaning the skin of the affected area so that the impurity can heal and shrink on its own. Here are some tips on how to do this;

  • Use a mild facial cleansing gel (non-comedogenic) and rinse with lukewarm water, avoiding very hot water that tends to further irritate the skin. This cleaning should be repeated twice every day, in the morning and at night.
  • Dry the area with a clean towel, without pressing too hard.
  • Next, you can apply a lotion on the pimple. We suggest using a lotion of benzoyl peroxide indicated for the treatment of acne or specific creams used to eliminate pimples which are sold in pharmacies. These act against severe imperfections and clean out the pores effectively.
  • You can also apply a moisturizer in the area if the previous anti-acne lotion has left your skin very dry. In this case, we suggest using specific cream for oily or acne-prone skin.
  • Avoid the use of facial brushes or aggressive scrubs when an impurity is present on the lips.

Steam to help open the pores

To remove a pimple on the lip quickly and to allow the pus to drain out easily, there is a very effective facial cleansing technique that can be practiced: steam cleaning. Hot water steam is used to make a kind of vapor and open the pores allowing for in depth cleaning, thus favoring the elimination of pimples.

Follow the following steps on how to use steam to open pores correctly:

  1. Fill a pot halfway with water and place it on the stove fire. Remove it from the fire just before it reaches boiling point.
  2. Put it on a table and let it cool a little.
  3. Cover your head with a towel place your face over the pot, allowing the steam to take action.
  4. Stay in this position for at least 5 minutes so that all your pores open and clean out sufficiently.
  5. For a more effective treatment effectiveness, add a few mint, sage or rosemary leaves to the water as it is boiling. These leaves are known to disinfect and purify the skin.
How To Remove A Pimple On The Lip Fast - Steam to help open the pores

Carry out a pimple extraction with care

When the pimple is very advanced and you notice a white spot on the lip, you can proceed to its extraction. However, you must always do this with care, and here are some recommendations;

  • First, wash your hands very well to avoid spreading new germs and bacteria onto your face. To remove a pimple on the lip properly, it is important that you never press or squeeze it with your nails, as this can cause injury and scaring. It is best to press it with your fingertips or by wrapping your fingers in clean gauze. You must squeeze carefully until all the pus inside the pimple drains. If you feel a lot of pain or the area becomes very red and irritated, we suggest leaving the extraction until it is more advanced and can be easily removed.
  • After removing the pimple from the lip, you can apply an antiseptic product to the area to disinfect and finish eliminating the microbes. Aloe vera gel, lemon juice or bay tea are some good choices. Finally, let the area dry without covering it and do not cover it with makeup or other cosmetics.
How To Remove A Pimple On The Lip Fast - Carry out a pimple extraction with care

Homemade remedies to remove a pimple from the lip

Below, we present the most effective natural remedies to remove pimples. In addition, they will help you reduce skin fat and prevent the appearance of new impurities:

  • Ice: wrap an ice cube in a cloth or towel and put it directly on the affected area. This will numb the area and relieve discomfort and inflammation.
  • Aspirin: has the ability to dry pimples and regulate the production of sebum. Crush 2 aspirins until they reach a powder form and then mix them with a little water until you get an oily paste. Apply this mask over the impurity and let it act for about 10 minutes.
  • Bicarbonate and lemon: this is a very astringent mixture perfect to clean skin and leave it free of impurities. Mix 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda with 4 drops of lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of water. Apply the paste on the pimple and let it act for about 15 minutes.

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How To Remove A Pimple On The Lip Fast
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How To Remove A Pimple On The Lip Fast

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