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How To Detox Your Skin At Home

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 11, 2022
How To Detox Your Skin At Home

Weather changes, pollution, chemicals found in cosmetics ... your skin is exposed to a multitude of damaging environmental elements each and every day. As well as this, your dermis is also a reflection of your lifestyle habits: the foods you eat, the amount of physical activity you partake in, your smoking status and also your vices. If you overeat sugar, smoke or drink heavily, your skin will be the first to reflect this. Caring for and protecting your skin is important, as is giving it the opportunity to eliminate toxins, to leave it looking beautiful and healthy. Are you unsure how to? Let us at show you how to detox your skin at home.

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Steps to follow:


The skin is the largest organ of the body and, therefore, it is normal for toxins to accumulate and affect its appearance. One of the best ways to detoxify your skin is by sweating as it releases toxins as well as liquid.

It also dilates pores and further promotes the elimination of toxins. There are many ways to induce sweating, including:

  • Performing aerobic exercise of medium or high intensity like running, Zumba, step-ups, spinning or power walking. This will also improve overall health and physical appearance.
  • Hot yoga is widely practiced and is an effective way of pushing the body to its limit and encouraging maximum sweating. Hot yoga takes place in a room of around 40 ° C, maximizing sweating.
  • Going to a sauna is also a good way of sweating, though it will not be as beneficial as exercise. Although it has many benefits for our body, you must be careful not to use it for more than 15 minutes at a time, 3 times a week, as this may be harmful to health.
How To Detox Your Skin At Home - Step 1

To detoxify the skin and keep it beautiful and healthy, diet is important. Some foods may affect the appearance of our skin; try to reduce you intake of sugar, sweets, junk food and fried foods and follow a balanced diet including plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.

But besides paying attention to what you eat, it is important to include foods rich in antioxidants into your day as they help to prevent the free radicals that age skin prematurely and leave it looking tired and unhealthy. Eat fruits like kiwi, strawberry, orange or lemon, or other nutritious options such as tomato and avocado.

How To Detox Your Skin At Home - Step 2

While it is not exactly a way to detoxify your skin, exfoliating the skin weekly helps to dramatically improve its appearance, leaving it softer and radiant. It removes dead skin cells that accumulate in the dermis and which make skin look dull and lifeless. Including this procedure in your beauty routine is simple and produces excellent results.

In our articles on how to make homemade face scrubs and body scrubs, you'll find some budget-friendly DIY exfoliators.

To cleanse your skin deeply, you should perform a steam bath in order to open the pores before exfoliating and cleansing.

How To Detox Your Skin At Home - Step 3

Another great way to improve the appearance of your skin and eliminate toxins is to have a a detoxifying bath once a week. Here are two effective ways of cleansing pores and giving skin a boost:

  • Salts and vinegar bath: To a bath of hot water, add a cup of bath salts and apple cider vinegar. Get in the bath and relax for at least 15 minutes to improve circulation, reduce inflammation and eliminate toxins.
  • Chamomile and rosemary bath: To 2 liters of boiling water, pour two tablespoons of chamomile and two of rosemary, boil for 2 minutes, take off the heat and let infuse for at least 10 minutes. Add this mixture to a bath of hot water, along with a few drops of tea tree oil for added detoxifying benefits. If you don't have a bath, pour the liquid over you at the end of your shower.
How To Detox Your Skin At Home - Step 4

Finally, there is nothing better than a good detoxifying mask to cleanse your skin. For a variety of different DIY options with marvelous results, we recommend reading some of our OneHowTo articles. Choose the one you prefer and apply it once a week for best results:

How To Detox Your Skin At Home - Step 5

If you want to prevent your skin from accumulating toxins, you should:

  • Avoid smoking
  • Control alcohol intake
  • Consume caffeinated foods and drinks in moderation.
  • Drink at least 2 liters of water a day
  • Rest well and you avoid all-nighters
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How To Detox Your Skin At Home