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How to Open the Pores with Steam

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 24, 2022
How to Open the Pores with Steam

A popular home treatment is to use the benefits of steam for a deep cleansing facial in order to open the pores on your face and clean them thoroughly. It is a method that you can do at home to get rid of blackheads that detract from the appearance of your facial skin and purify the skin dermis, leaving your skin beginning to look much fresher, brighter and younger-looking. Do not miss out on this OneHowTo article to discover for yourself how to open the pores with steam step by step.

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Steps to follow:


To open the pores with steam more effectively and also to cleanse and moisturise your skin even better, we recommend you use some herbs that are beneficial to your skin type in this treatment. Some suggestions based on your skin type are:

Take a look at our article at the best herbs for a facial steam for more information.


Once you have selected the perfect plant, make sure you thoroughly cleanse your face leaving no traces of makeup. Wash it with mild soap and cool water. Then, pour 1 litre of water into a pot, add two teaspoons of dried leaves of your chosen herb, stir and keep on the heat until it boils.

How to Open the Pores with Steam - Step 2

Remove the pot from the heat and place it on a flat surface where you can comfortably hold your head over it. If you notice that the water is still too hot, wait a while until you feel you are able to withstand the heat on your face. Now is the time to start to open the pores with steam, so pay attention!


Hold your face over the pot and cover with an old towel, making a tent over your head so that the steam can't escape for best results. Stay in this position for 15 minutes for your skin to get enough steam. Your pores will begin to open making it easier for you to get rid of any sebum and dirt that are clogging them.

How to Open the Pores with Steam - Step 4

After this time, rinse your face with cool water and using a cotton pad apply a facial toner, focusing on those areas where you have more blackheads. The toner will help deep cleanse and close the pores making your skin look beautiful and radiant. Finish by applying a moisturiser or hydrating cream to your face.

How to Open the Pores with Steam - Step 5

Other than knowing how to open the pores with steam, you need a treatment to help you close the open pores of your face, click on this article, for excellent natural solutions.

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How to Open the Pores with Steam