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How To Make Your Hair Thick And Healthy

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 27, 2017
How To Make Your Hair Thick And Healthy
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Many are the adjectives that can describe healthy hair: strong, bright and, of course, thick. Stress, hormonal problems and dryness make hair weaken and lose its natural thickness. Fortunately, there are alternatives and remedies to make your hair grow back thicker and healthier. If you want to know more read this OneHowTo article where we show you how to make your hair thick and healthy.

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Steps to follow:


There are many factors that can damage hair: climate, dyes, hair dryers and humidity can cause your hair to weaken and lose the thickness you want. To counter this abuse you can apply a nourishing mask twice a week, leaving it act for 20 minutes. For a stronger effect, add a hair repairing ampoule to your mask.

How To Make Your Hair Thick And Healthy - Step 1

To make your hair thicker it is recommended you cut out all the damaged hair. Maybe you will lose a few centimetres of hair, but this change will ensure that your hair grows healthy. When hair has split ends this condition spreads through all the hair; the only way to avoid this is a good trim.

How To Make Your Hair Thick And Healthy - Step 2

Give your hair the Vitamins it requires to grow healthy and thicker. Often hair becomes thin because it lacks the nutrients that makes it to grow healthily. In our article what are the best vitamins for hair you will find tips that are ideal to strengthen your hair.

How To Make Your Hair Thick And Healthy - Step 3

Keep your hair hydrated. When hair weakens, breaks and looks frizzy it is because it needs water to return its flexibility. Ask your hairdresser or beautician about intensive moisturisers that do not alter the hair's natural wave, for example hair botox or keratin are both excellent choices.

How To Make Your Hair Thick And Healthy - Step 4
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Stop dyeing your hair, this is an excellent decision to make hair thicker. Dyeing and bleaching mistreat your hair, especially when the dyes are shades lighter than your natural colour as the hair is weakened by the chemicals and loses some layers, lacks protein and becomes thinner.

How To Make Your Hair Thick And Healthy - Step 5

For your hair to be thicker it is important that you use the right shampoo. Many shampoos contain an ingredient known as lauryl sulphate, which is responsible for generating lather when washing. Other than creating foam this chemical makes the hair lose layers and become thinner.

Therefore, it may also be a good idea to join the no-poo team and find alternatives to wash your hair without shampoo.

How To Make Your Hair Thick And Healthy - Step 6

Keeping a healthy lifestyle will also benefit the thickness of your hair. Eat a balanced diet with plenty of lean protein, omega 3 and add the right amount of biotin to your food intake and you'll notice the difference.

For a natural solution, learn how to grow thicker hair with coconut oil.

How To Make Your Hair Thick And Healthy - Step 7

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1 comment
My hair is thining im 44 ..but its thinning fast how do i stop it and get fuller thicker hair
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Melissa,
Try following the advice mentioned above. Having a balanced diet rich in omega 3 and biotin products is very important. Trying to avoid stress will also help.

Hope this was useful for you!
Aleena khan
Oil your hair twice or three times a weak. For silky smooth hair and shine use yougurt with mixed hair oil and apply.Wash after half an hour, quit using hair gels and sprays.
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How To Make Your Hair Thick And Healthy