How to Have Stronger Hair Naturally

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Have Stronger Hair Naturally

We all wish for healthy and strong hair. However, every day we do things and expose ourselves to agents that hinder this task. Having strong hair is not something that will be achieved overnight, but if you change some habits in your lifestyle and your beauty routine you will get your dream hair. If you are ready for healthy hair, read this article where OneHowTo reveals how to have stronger hair naturally.

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Steps to follow:

To have stronger hair it is necessary to follow a balanced diet. They say we are what we eat, and this sentence may even apply to the health of our hair. Among the best vitamins for hair we can highlight vitamin B5 as it strengthens the hair from the root. Find it in nuts, rice, fish, brewer's yeast, grains and dairy.

It is also recommended you reduce the consumption of alcohol and tobacco as these weaken strands. Add fruit to your daily diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle and soon you will start to see the changes and enjoy stronger hair.

How to Have Stronger Hair Naturally - Step 1

When the hair ends are open it means that the protein that makes them strong and healthy is lost. To prevent this damage from spreading throughout your hair and weaken it it is necessary to cut the damaged hair. When you cut your hair, strands regenerate and the hair grows more firm and elastic: essential to have stronger hair! Learn how often you should cut your hair in this article.

How to Have Stronger Hair Naturally - Step 2

To have stronger hair, you must make it more elastic and this can be achieved by religiously applying moisturising conditioners and creams, and regularly apply hair masks. It is important that you apply a portion equivalent to the size of a walnut, because overuse of these products can cause the opposite effect and weaken hair. Prefer conditioners with keratin and creams based on natural ingredients like avocado or argan oil.

Also, use a shampoo that is designed for your type of hair. There is a huge variety of shampoos, so you can choose the one that suits better your hair type.

How to Have Stronger Hair Naturally - Step 3

One of the main causes of weak hair is damage caused by straightening irons and hair dryers. Yes, your best allies may be blocking your efforts to have the stronger hair and only you can help it. How? Ideally decrease the frequency of use and apply creams which are available on the market which are protective and ideal to prevent the heat emanating from these accessories to penetrate the strands and burn them. Apply them before using the iron and dryer. You can also choose to use moisturising masks for weak hair.

How to Have Stronger Hair Naturally - Step 4

Exercise is a tool so powerful that you can even use it to have stronger hair. Exercise activates our blood circulation, even in the scalp, which stimulates hair growth and transports nutrients to the roots which are essential to strengthen the hair. It is recommended that you do cardiovascular exercise for 40 minutes daily or at least four times a week to see results.

How to Have Stronger Hair Naturally - Step 5

They say brushing your hair 100 times a day can make it grow. Although it is just a myth, there are other benefits to combing your hair, including having stronger hair. Why? Brushing your hair drags natural scalp oils along the hair which nourishes the threads and makes them more resistant. Ideally you should brush your hair with a mixed bristles brush when dry or slightly moist to prevent breakage. Do it carefully and unravelling knots from the ends to the roots.

How to Have Stronger Hair Naturally - Step 6

It may sound very demanding but stopping dyeing hair is necessary to restore hair strength. Colouring and bleaching treatments are very abrasive to strands due to the amount of chemicals contained in dyes and bleach water, therefore you can choose to wear your natural tone or begin to dye your hair with natural alternatives such as henna. Offering your hair the necessary care for coloured hair is also an option that you can consider to get stronger hair.

How to Have Stronger Hair Naturally - Step 7

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How to Have Stronger Hair Naturally
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How to Have Stronger Hair Naturally

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