How To Fix Bushy Eyebrows For Guys

By Nidhi Nangia. September 27, 2017
How To Fix Bushy Eyebrows For Guys

Eyebrows are one of the very first things people notice if you have changed them. They are personal and provide you with an individual expression. Trimming eyebrows for gals might be different from trimming those for guys. Many men won't want to have eyebrows which are circular and curvy. Instead, they might prefer eyebrows which are bold and sturdy. Then again, it is not uncommon or unpopular to have a more manicured look for men (see: Christiano Ronaldo). Most men like to go with the natural eyebrows they are born with, but if you want to trim those bushy eyebrows for a cleaner look, oneHOWTO is at hand as we show you how to fix bushy eyebrows for guys.

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Do your eyebrows need fixed?

Bushy eyebrows are always the center of attention on your face. They are such an important part of your look that removing them can cause confusion. A 2003 study carried out in MIT[1] took two sets of pictures of celebrities, one with their eyes taken out, the other with they eyebrows removed. A significantly greater portion found it harder to recognize them without their eyebrows. If eyes are the window to the soul, perhaps eyebrows are the key to facial identity.

There are certain theories over why we have eyebrows in the first place. The main theory is practical in that they help shield our eyes from sweat which accumulates on our forehead. People usually use their eyebrows to keep a balance with other features of their face, including the lips, eyes and jaw line. If you have bushy eyebrows, you might have more hair to work with.

Still, you can easily use them to get the shape and style you want. Some men with thin or sparse eyebrows can spend every morning filling and deepening their brow areas with powder or pencil. They can even spend huge amounts on buying brow stimulators to get fuller eyebrows. There are also expensive eyebrow hair transplants procedures available. So, if you have busy eyebrows, make sure you consider all your options before trimming.

Be careful

Don’t just grab your tweezers and start plucking all the extra hair that you don’t want. A lot of men have hair in between their eyebrows giving them the 'unibrow' look. It's interesting that some cultures really value/valued this look, so maybe all you need to do is be proud of it. Especially if you want a more 'stereotypical' male look. If you start plucking willy nilly, you may risk adding a certain femininity to your look.

As far as grooming a guy’s eyebrows are concerned, less is more. You don’t want your eyebrow lines to look too thin and shapely. The key is to make your eyebrows look groomed, but make sure you don’t make them a bad point of focus in the process. It is generally more acceptable for girls to remove more hair from their eyebrows than men. But for men, you probably don't need much to keep your bushy eyebrows groomed.

Trim eyebrows with scissors

Follow these steps to trim your eyebrows with scissors:

  • First of all, take a shower with hot water. This will open up your pores and loosen the hair you want to remove. If you don’t have time to take a shower, you can dampen a washcloth with hot water and keep it pressed against your eyebrows for 2-3 minutes.
  • Use a toothbrush or fine toothed comb to comb up your eyebrow hair.
  • Starting from the bridge of your nose, move outward until you reach the end of your eyebrows. Use a comb as required to keep your hair up while you trim your bushy eyebrows. You may do this using your fingers as well, but a toothbrush or comb will reach in between your hair and will work more efficiently.
  • Look at your bushy eyebrows and identify any hairs that are sticking up higher. You need to remove these hairs to get a groomed look. Starting from the outside edges of your brows, grab your scissors to cut these long hairs while keeping in line with the topmost line of your eyebrows.
  • Do not use standard scissors for the job, you need long, but thing hair scissors. There are special eyebrow scissors also available in the market, but they don't have to be expensive. Short nail scissors, craft scissors or large kitchen scissors will not work well to trim your eyebrows.
  • In order to finally check the overall length of your eyebrows, comb them down and look for any strands that are longer than the others. Trim those hairs as well in order to make a straight line with the rest of your eyebrows.

Remove unwanted hair with tweezers

Follow these steps to fix your busy eyebrows using tweezers:

  • Plucking bushy eyebrow hair with tweezers is usually painful and tricky. Ensure you pluck it at the base of the root. If you pluck it halfway, it will break instead of coming out fully. You also need to be cautious about which hairs you are plucking. Don’t pluck any hairs that are part of the eyebrow's main shape. If you are using tweezers, you may forget about staying in limits and may over-pluck. Once you are ready with these precautions, move forward.
  • Comb your eyebrow hairs up using a toothbrush or fine toothed comb. They usually grow outward towards the temples, this is the way you need to comb them up as well. Identify the hairs whose roots are clearly out of the way of the main shape of the eyebrow. Only pluck the hairs that are growing alone.
  • Now pluck bushy hairs that are growing in between the two eyebrows. If your brows are meeting each other in the center, you will want to remove this extra hair growth. Starting from the center, work towards one brow first, and then the other. Depending on your personal preference, you can pluck as much hair as you want. It depends on whether you want a completely clean center or a leave it a little hairy.
  • You can take your thumb like a guide to determine how apart you want your eyebrows to be. Place your thumb right in the middle of your two eyebrows and pluck all the hair that falls in that area.
  • Make sure that you do not over-pluck your brows, as it will negatively affect their natural shape. This is not what most guys want to do.
  • Remove any hair from below and above your eyebrows as well. After plucking any stray hairs, look below your eyebrow as well towards the eyelid. If there are any stray hairs, pluck them as well.
How To Fix Bushy Eyebrows For Guys - Remove unwanted hair with tweezers

Fix Bushy Eyebrows Using an Electric Trimmer

There are special eyebrow, moustache and beard trimmers available out there. You can invest in one and fix your bushy eyebrows with it. Follow these steps if you have one:

  • Buy a trimmer especially designed for trimming eyebrows. A moustache or beard trimmer will also do a nice job. A nose hair trimmer will also work well, as it has a narrow blade that you can use for trimming your brows. Do not use hair clippers, as its blades are too wide and will not give the required precision.
  • An electric trimmer will help you only if you have bushy eyebrows that you want to thin down or shorten. If you want smoother lines, it won't do much good as it will leave you with eyebrow stubble. Use the trimmer with caution, as there is too small a margin of error and you may end up removing too much of your brow hair.
  • Use a fine toothed comb or toothbrush to comb your eyebrow hair outward. You can use an electric trimmer to remove bulk and length from your brows, so that is important to comb your hair outward. Hold the length of hair that you want to cut within the teeth of the comb. Ideally, you should leave one mm of hair inside the teeth of the brush and repeat again if you want to remove more.
  • It is advised to trim a little at a time instead of trimming too much in the first go.
  • Run the trimmer along the comb that you have held in place. Turn on the trimmer and move it gently along the comb. During the process, you will trim the unwanted hair as you move forward.

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How To Fix Bushy Eyebrows For Guys
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