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How to Maintain a Long Beard

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 30, 2017
How to Maintain a Long Beard

Beards are now fashionable. Many people make the decision to grow a beard to change their appearance and to adopt a new look. Growing a long beard is not simple at all, since it is not just about growing the hair. Once you've got a long beard, you must think about the care needed to keep it in good condition so that it does not seem just a nasty clump of dirty hair. In fact, a scraggly beard can make people think that you're filthy and not terribly attractive. To care for your beard you need to think about hygiene, so you need to care for your beard, comb it, add ribbons, etc. A beard can add a touch of personality or it might give people the wrong idea if it's unkempt and left to tangle up in nasty clumps. On OneHowTo, we explain how to maintain a long beard so you can look stylish and sophisticated.

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The process of growing your beard out is a long one and if you do not know how to care for your facial hair it can really turn into an absolute disaster with wild hair everywhere. We all know that a decent beard has to be looked after and it needs more care when it's longer. Many silly people think that the beard should be left to grow and once it's reached the desired length then it just needs some refinement. If you don't worry too much about your personal image or if you do not like to spend time on your image, maybe a beard is not a good option for you. It is also important to know how to grow your beard.

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If you decide to grow your hair out and now you find yourself in front of the mirror wondering how to care for your scruffy beard, then read on. You might notice that your beard has an irregular shape and that the hairs are all over the place with no shape, flow or direction. The hairs on your face are much more stubborn and way more difficult to fix in position. The first thing to consider is that the hairs in your beard should be washed just like the hair on your head. The skin there is different to the scalp, so there are some specific shampoos for beards which in addition to leaving a pleasant aroma, can help combat dry skin in that specific area.

How to Maintain a Long Beard - Step 2

A comb is your greatest ally. If you have decided to take care of your beard at home, you should have a comb, a manual razor and an electric razor. The manual razor will serve to shave your neck, while the electrical razor allows you to fix the length of your beard, giving it the right overall shape. This process is not easy and if you've never had a beard or if you are not used to shaping your beard, it may be somewhat difficult. Comb your beard so your hairs are pointing outwards, in order to detect those that are longer than usual and to then cut them out. For the hairs on your neck, you should not shave them in a straight line. Instead, pass the razor over them leaving the form of inverted arch which is U-shaped. If your beard is very long, it is advisable not to shave the whole of your neck with the manual razor, but rather shave the area progressively. This will make sure that the area where the hair begins on the neck does not contrast greatly with the shaved area and the thickness is then much more evident. You must use the electrical razor at different levels.

How to Maintain a Long Beard - Step 3

Depending on the length of your beard, care should be taken when shaping the beard more or less frequently. If your beard is long, you should do this every 3 weeks or so, while if your beard is shorter, every 2 weeks or so is suffice to add shape as it all grows. You must be aware that getting a perfect beard at home will be difficult if you have no experience in growing a beard. Therefore, an option that many people choose is to visit the barber from the moment the beard starts to take shape. This allows the barber to see how you want your beard to look and then they'll advise you accordingly. It's not mandatory to go to a barber, but then you must prepare yourself against the possibility of a shock when the barber cuts away a beard that is not well managed or maintained.

How to Maintain a Long Beard - Step 4

When you want to cut your beard back, do not do it on wet or damp hair. The hair must be dry and trying not to shave it excessively. If you mistakenly cut an area too short and it cannot be disguised well, you'll be forced to shave your beard off completely, so all the waiting for your beard to grow will have been totally in vain. However, you must not despair, because your beard will always grow back again. There are some products that facilitate the growth of your beard, and others that will help keep it hydrated.

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How to Maintain a Long Beard