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How to trim and maintain a 3-day beard look

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 30, 2017
How to trim and maintain a 3-day beard look

There is no doubt that beards of all lengths and shapes have become very fashionable for men recently. Whether it's short or shabby, every man has his own preference. That said, the three-day beard is incontestably the most successful beard, especially with the ladies. Many men opt for this look, since it looks manly, while not being too wild nor too neat. Also, it helps conceal skin imperfections and is a great option for skin that is sensitive to constant shaving. As its name implies, you must only wait three days for the perfect three-day beard, measuring about 3 to 4 millimetres in length. Nevertheless, if what you're going for is a stylish and 'I just woke up looking this awesome' look, you must actually maintain and trim your beard. Don't miss this OneHowTo article on how to trim and maintain a three-day beard look.

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Steps to follow:


When to trim? The time to start trimming your three-day beard depends on each man and the speed of hair growth. But, as a general rule, you should wait at least 4-5 days to have enough hair to work with.

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What to trim with? In order to trim your 3-day beard, you'll need an appropriate tool: an electric clipper or trimmer. There are various brands and models of electric trimmers, and when picking one out, take into account the following: choose a trimer with an option to adjust the length of the trim. It should come with a short attachment, with maximum 5mm length, which will ensure a close trim. The attachment will allow you to vary the length to get the desired style. For clean lines, you can remove the attachment to get a clean shave or simply use a regular razor.

How to trim and maintain a 3-day beard look - Step 2

How to trim. First adjust the trimmer to the maximal desired length and pass it over your entire beard. This will even out all the hair, and remove the bulk of it. You can then decrease the length progressively until you reach the perfect length. Then, pass a shorter length over the areas that you would like shorter, creating a gradual effect with the rest of the beard. It is important to pass the razor against hair growth, starting from the neck and working your way up the face. You can then cleanly shave the edges with a regular razor.


To avoid a messy look and get a neat, clean look, we recommend paying attention to your cheeks and your neck. For your cheeks, use a comb to define a line starting from your ears to your lips, then cleansly shave the hairs that are above that line. For the neck, define a line starting from the tip of your jawbone, curving around your face, passing at about 1cm above your Adam's apple.


If you are afraid of messing up, you could always choose to get your beard professionally shaved. Your barber will then give you advice on how to trim your beard according to your face, and teach you different techniques that you can try at home. Even if you do decide to trim your beard at home, it is recommended to go to the barber once a month, with your haircut, to catch any imperfection.

How to trim and maintain a 3-day beard look - Step 5

Once you have trimmed your beard, you should obviously trim it regularly to maintain the three-day beard. In general, you should trim every 2-4 days to maintain a perfect look, depending on how fast your hair grows, following the same procedure described above.

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How to trim and maintain a 3-day beard look