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How to Keep a Beard Tidy

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Keep a Beard Tidy

Seeing men with beards has become commonplace, a fashion statement which many men have decided to give a go. While there are different types of beard, and the care required for each varies, there are certain guidelines that should be followed in all cases. A trimmed beard can give a look that is pleasant as well as providing a more manly air, but the line between a scruffy beard and a tidy one is very fine indeed. We'll help you find the right balance in this OneHowTo.com article on how to keep a beard tidy.

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Steps to follow:


How do you want your beard? It is perhaps the first question you should ask yourself. Depending on the beard you have or wish to have, you should let it grow until it reaches this desired length. If you are just starting to grow your beard, it may take weeks to reach the desired length. In addition, during the first few weeks, it is likely that it will look somewhat scruffy, as you will go weeks without cutting it. In this article we explain how to grow a full beard.

If you've already taken the above step and your beard has reached the desired length, we'll explain how to maintain a long beard in this article.


Appliances. If you do not want a very long beard but do not want to cut it either, your best option is an electric shaver. There are some very good ones on the market at a very good price, which allow you to trim your beard to the desired length, thanks to the different settings it has. All you have to do is to trim it once every week or two, depending on how quick it grows, to keep it looking tidy.

On the other hand, there is also the option of using scissors. The downside is that it is harder to cut the beard this way if you've never done it before. Scissors are recommended for long, thick beards that are difficult to cut with an electric shaver. The scissors allow us to cut one part of the hair more than the other, to shape it as you like. Therefore, if you only want to keep the beard tidy, the best option is to use an electrical machine.

How to Keep a Beard Tidy - Step 2

Comb your beard. Before trimming your beard, use a comb to remove any loose hairs that you may have and then follow with the machine to remove the desired amount of hair. It is not a fundamental step but only requires a minute and can be useful.


Use a razor. If this is the first time you are using a razor and you do not know which is the right level for you, use the longest option possible and use according to the result you are looking to achieve. Chances are that the first time you use it, you won't remove any hair, but you'll soon find out the right setting option for you. Pass the machine over the neck, jaw, sideburns and chin. At this point you will notice that your beard is neater and it gives you a smarter appearance.


Defining your beard. Although this step is not mandatory, it is good advice to fix the beard to define the neck and cheeks. This is to reduce the level of hair in these areas, which you should do by lowering the setting of your machine. Pass it over the neckline and lower cheekbones, avoiding lowering the setting more than one level: otherwise, you will get an unnatural result. The first few times can be somewhat complicated, but after several attempts you'll get the desired results. In addition, if you do happen to make a mistake, don't worry too much as the hair should grow back quickly.

How to Keep a Beard Tidy - Step 5

Trim the mustache. The mustache is one of the areas that may be more difficult to cut, especially the area that lies just below the nostrils, as it is hard to use the machine in that delicate area. It is therefore recommended that you use scissors for this particular area. Put the scissors completely flat against the skin, i.e., parallel to the skin, and carefully cut the hair in the area until it is the same length as the rest. This will ensure that the beard and mustache are even. You can also take the opportunity to trim the area beneath the lower lip, making sure it is also tidy.


Go over the beard. Now that your beard is trimmed and looking good, all that's left to do are a few simple steps. Look out for any hairs that the machine might have missed and cut them with a pair of scissors. To do this, turn your face a little to one side and look in the mirror to look for any hairs that stick out. Carefully cut them.


Shaver for the neck. A shaving blade is a good choice to fix the beard and leaving the neck area clean. To do this, first consider how to prepare the skin before shaving - the neck is particularly sensitive and you must take care with this. The aim of this step is to remove the hairs growing in the lower neck, below the Adam's apple and define the line along which the beard starts. For this, use shaving cream and a razor to slide in the opposite direction to which the hairs grow. Follow with an aftershave to moisturize the skin and prevent irritation.

How to Keep a Beard Tidy - Step 8

Hydrate your beard. This step is optional but is a plus for the care of your beard. After performing the steps above, add a little conditioner to your beard to keep it smooth and hydrated. Before this, we must clean it well. To do this, wet the beard and apply a little soap designed especially for beards. Massage well. After a few minutes, rinse with water and add conditioner.


Tips to fix your beard. Now that you know how to keep a beard tidy, here are some tips you should consider:

  • Do not cut your beard when wet.
  • Do not forget to shave the neck area. Some people do not pay attention to the neck, which can leave a scruffy, untidy appearance if not maintained.
  • Do not take any risks. At least initially, do not use an advanced level of the machine and go for daring looks straight away. Only do this when you have had plenty of practice and are used to using the machine/scissors.
  • Keep your beard clean. Like our hair, beard hair should be washed regularly. Some people use the same shampoo as for their hair, while others choose to buy specific products for the beard.
How to Keep a Beard Tidy - Step 10

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How to Keep a Beard Tidy