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How to Do the Fast Metabolism Diet

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Do the Fast Metabolism Diet

Do you have a slow metabolism? Nutritionist Haylie Pomroy has devised a new food plan known as the "fast metabolism diet", an eating routine that is designed to combat slow metabolism and thus help you lose up to 10 kilos in a month. It is a diet that has grown popular in the US and it is very easy to follow because it is based on the fact that in order to lose weight you have to eat more times a day. In this oneHOWTO article we will explain how to do the fast metabolism diet so you understand all its stages and how the weight loss plan works.

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  1. The fast metabolism diet
  2. Stages of the fast metabolism diet
  3. Dietary guidelines for an accelerated metabolism
  4. Sample menu for the fast metabolism diet

The fast metabolism diet

With this diet, Haylie Pomroy says that to lose weight it is essential to eat several times a day, this way, you make sure your metabolism is constantly working and thus burn more calories. But besides this trick to burn fat, the dietitian also says that there are some foods allowed and not allowed to get your body to remove excess stored fat.

In general, within the fast metabolism diet you cannot eat:

  • Dairy
  • Coffee or caffeinated products
  • Sugar
  • Wheat, corn

The diet is based on the many people suffering from slow metabolism, and to lose weight quickly you need to reactivate it and make it faster to burn more calories. To achieve this, the nutritionist has distinguished different phases in the diet that are intended to accelerate the metabolism naturally. In this oneHOWTO article we tell you how to easily speed up your metabolism.

How to Do the Fast Metabolism Diet - The fast metabolism diet

Stages of the fast metabolism diet

According to studies conducted by the dietitian, to reactivate and get a fast metabolism you need to divide the week into 3 phases during which you can eat certain foods and not others. The diet consists of a 4-week plan that promises to help you lose 10 kilos without getting hungry; if you want to lose more, you can repeat the diet as long as it?s under a doctor's supervision. This phases of weight loss:

  • Phase 1: Two days (Monday and Tuesday)

During this phase you will speed up your metabolism by incorporating complex carbohydrates, natural sugars and vitamin B and C. Protein, at this stage should be in moderation and make sure you don?t eat any fats. For carbohydrates, remember that wheat is not allowed in this diet, therefore you?ll have to opt for other options such as spelt bread, for example.

  • Phase 2: Two days (Wednesday and Thursday)

In this phase you will unblock saturated fat in your body. To do this, eat vegetable proteins and alkaline vegetables; the combination of both ingredients will help burn fat naturally. The protein you eat should be low in fat, so choose lean meats and white fish.

  • Phase 3: Three days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

This stage of the diet is what is known as the ?repair? stage, that is, once we have unblocked the fats, we can remove them. The way to achieve this is by combining foods from phase 1 and 2 and adding some good fats like those from coconut or avocado.

When you finish the week, begin Monday again with Phase 1 and so on. The recommendation is to do this diet for 4 weeks to see the results; at oneHOWTO we recommend visiting a nutritionist before starting a new diet to know whether or not it's for you. If your weight loss problem is due to a hypothyroidism, in this article we tell you what to eat if you have hypothyroidsim.

How to Do the Fast Metabolism Diet - Stages of the fast metabolism diet

Dietary guidelines for an accelerated metabolism

Now that you know the phases of the diet, it is important that you consider a number of tips that will help you accomplish your weight loss goal. Carefully read the following:

  • 5 meals a day: As we mentioned at the beginning, we want to emphasize that in order to succeed in this diet it is essential to eat 5 meals a day to speed up your metabolism naturally.
  • Breakfast: This is the most important meal of the day and it is recommended that to speed up metabolism, you eat during the first half hour of the day, just when you wake up. Because if not, you're making your body work without fuel and, therefore, your metabolism doesn't have to work.
  • Prohibited foods: wheat, corn, alcohol, sugar, dairy and caffeine are the foods that you should banish from your kitchen if you want to do the fast metabolism diet. Instead of wheat, when you want carbohydrates eat others that are made with other ingredients such as spelt wheat.
  • Exercise weekly: exercising frequently is essential if you want your metabolism to burn fat more quickly. Generally it is recommended that you either get 30 minutes of exercise daily or do 3 to 4 sessions a week of approximately 1 hour. A combination of cardio with toning is the secret to a great body.
  • Drink 2 liters of water a day to remove toxins, purify your body and reduce fluid retention naturally.
How to Do the Fast Metabolism Diet - Dietary guidelines for an accelerated metabolism

Sample menu for the fast metabolism diet



  • Option 1: Tea spelt toast with sugar-free jam
  • Option 2: Natural orange juice tea fruit salad

Mid-morning: Seasonal fruit


  • Option 1: Brown rice with chicken sausages
  • Option 2: Lemon chicken

Afternoon snack: seasonal fruit


  • Option 1: Green salad
  • Option 2: Sandwich with spelt bread, turkey and lettuce



  • Option 1: Tea, Spanish omelette
  • Option 2: Seasonal fruits orange juice boiled egg

Mid-morning: 2 slices turkey 1 cucumber


  • Option 1: Hake with vegetables
  • Option 2: Pepper stuffed with tuna

Afternoon snack: Hardboiled egg


  • Option 1: Boiled spinach grilled chicken
  • Option 2: Mixed salad baked hake



  • Option 1: Tea spelt bread with guacamole
  • Option 2: Natural fruit juice spelt toast with sugar-free jam

Mid-morning: Nuts


  • Option 1: Chicken burger salad
  • Option 2: Baked flounder green beans

Afternoon snack: Nuts or fruit


  • Option 1: Chicken salad
  • Option 2: Boiled spinach or chard grilled turkey

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How to Do the Fast Metabolism Diet