How to burn fat naturally

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to burn fat naturally

Losing weight, losing belly fat and having a more slender figure is what many people wish for, and we can achieve this, but it will obviously depend on a number of factors, including food and lifestyle. It's true that in order to lose weight we need to diet and exercise, but some foods can help speed up the process allowing you to achieve your goal faster. At OneHowto we explain how to burn fat naturally and lose those extra kilos.

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Steps to follow:

While there are a great many products available to buy to burn fat, some foods also have this property and they are much healthier for you than these products, and often are a great addition to our diet through being a diverse source of vitamins, nutrients, minerals and antioxidants than will be beneficial for our body.


The role of food in burning fat is to speed up the metabolism to eliminate fat quicker from the deposits that accumulate in our body. This will help you lose weight, lose belly fat and improve your figure.


Green tea is one of the most popular natural fat burners of our times. It's simple to make, can be bought from most food shops and also provides other benefits to our body thanks mainly to its high content of antioxidants. To feel its effects you should drink 3 cups daily, preferably without any sugar or artificial sweeteners.

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Red rooibos tea is also known for being a good natural fat burner, and is something that can be bought easily from most food shops as well as being easy to drink. Remember that it is a very powerful stimulant with a high caffeine content so it is not recommended for very anxious people.

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Artichokes are famous for being good fat burners. You can eat them whole or have an infusion by drinking the water that you have boiled them in. Drink it on an empty stomach, but remember that it has a slight bitter taste.


Pineapple, known as 'supermodel's food,' is also good for weight loss, especially for its diuretic properties which help control fluid retention in the body and reduce bloating, which always improves your figure. You can take pineapple tea every morning or even follow the pineapple diet.


Orange or grapefruit peel infusions are also famous for their fat burning properties. As with artichokes, they can be quite bitter, but these foods also benefit the body with their high vitamin content and by being a good diuretic. You can learn how to make orange tea in this article.

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Remember these natural fat burners are just supplements to help speed up the metabolism but ultimately they won't work unless you also look after your diet and exercise. Nothing can replace the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.


Along with eating right, there are some exercises that can help you burn fat more efficiently.

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  • Chew slower than usual when you eat to create more saliva whilst you eat.
  • Drink lots of water during the day. 2 liters is enough.

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How to burn fat naturally
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How to burn fat naturally

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