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How to Choose the right Font for a Tattoo

By Sara . Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Choose the right Font for a Tattoo

Tattoos are a work of art. So, getting a tattoo should never be a hasty decision because whether good or bad, it will become a permanent part of your body. While some people love exotic designs inked on their body; others like to have inspirational quotes or names tattooed on their body. When you get quotes or names tattooed then the most important factor which you must decide beforehand is the font. If you are confused about the font then keep reading this oneHOWTO article to find out how to choose the right font for a tattoo.

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  1. Choosing font according to tattoo
  2. Spacing
  3. Spelling

Choosing font according to tattoo

Whenever you are choosing a font for a tattoo, make sure that it is in sync with the quote that you have chosen. A font which is according to the theme of the tattoo gives life to it and shows creativity. Always remember that a perfect font enhances the message in the tattoo. While a out of sync font can make the tattoo look boring and lifeless. Also, make sure that the font you choose is not extremely complicated. Complicated fonts may look unique and creative in your eyes while it will be hard for others to read.

If you are tattooing names or a single alphabet letter then you will want it to look unique. For this search the net. You will find a number of websites which shows you fonts for free. In some you can input the name or quote and view how it will look in your chosen font. If you want it to be custom made then sit with your tattoo artist and discuss about it. Also, you can show him / her some fonts which you like so that they can merge it and create something that will be to your liking.

Some popular fonts for tattoos are:

Icy and fiery fonts

It is currently not the most fashionable tattoo font, but certainly one of the most popular when tattooing names of loved ones. which makes the tattoo look fresh and cool.

Gothic fonts

Gothic fonts will look exciting and distinct. Though mostly seen on men tattoos, they look especially good for sentences on the chest and shin.

Old English fonts

This font gives a vintage appeal to the tattoo. Though it can seem tacky if not done correctly, it gives good results when tattooed on the back or arm, making sure it's accompanied by a tasteful background.

Celtic fonts

Celtic fonts are most popular for tribal tattoos and armbands, as they are usually accompanied by other typical Celtic symbols such as the Celtic cross.

Handwriting fonts

This type of font is one of the best both for inspirational and romantic quotes, making it a great idea for tattoos for couples, friends or sisters.

Minimalist fonts

With the new minimal tattoo trend, you should also take minimalist fonts into account,. Though they may seem like a fashion, truth is they can look pretty on women, or on small and hidden areas such as the wrist, ankle and leg.

How to Choose the right Font for a Tattoo - Choosing font according to tattoo


When you are selecting font for your tattoo, make sure that the spacing between each letter is adequate. Often it can be seen that fonts in which the letters are too close or there is very little spacing, the letters bleed into each other.

How to Choose the right Font for a Tattoo - Spacing


Spelling mistakes in tattoos are disastrous, especially if you're having a tattoo done in a language that is not your native one. Yet it is the most common mistake made by people. When there is spelling mistake in tattoos then you have to go through your life knowing there is a mistake permanently inked in your body. Some spelling mistakes are so hilarious that they change the entire meaning of the tattoo. So, before going to the tattoo parlor get your spellings right. If you are confused then google the words or consult with your friends.

How to Choose the right Font for a Tattoo - Spelling

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How to Choose the right Font for a Tattoo