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Cute Matching Tattoos for Sisters

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
Cute Matching Tattoos for Sisters

If you have a sister and want to tattoo something on your skin that symbolizes the love you feel for her, know that there are a lot of options that are intended to represent the feelings that you have for one another. In this OneHowTo article we will give you some ideas for cute matching tattoos for sisters so you choose the one that best suits your tastes and your relationship. Read on and find a tattoo for you to share.

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  1. Hearts tattoo
  2. The compass
  3. Illustration tattoos
  4. Tattoos of birds
  5. Anchor tattoos
  6. Incomplete tattoos
  7. Infinity symbol

Hearts tattoo

The ultimate symbol of love has always been the heart, so one of the best tattoos for sisters is to have the same design and put it somewhere on your body. Depending on your criteria, the tattoo may be larger, more elaborate, colored, etc. But it relates to your feelings, so it should be the same design for both.

The heart can mean love, as we have said, but it can also symbolize the engine that drives us all, the key to being alive as without a heart, no one can live. With this symbol you're saying your sister is a key part of you and, without her, you cannot live.

Cute Matching Tattoos for Sisters - Hearts tattoo

The compass

Another perfect matching tattoo for sisters is to get the compass, ie, the object showing where the north, south, east and west are. Historically, this has always been linked to the sea world, as it helps to guide sailors during their journeys.

In the tattoo world, this symbol can indicate that you like to travel, that you're an explorer and adventurer, that you like being free and seeing the world. Therefore, if you decide to get this tattoo with your sister, what you're indicating it is that you share the same desire to see the world and that your guide and compass to guide you are each other, and your relationship as sisters.

Cute Matching Tattoos for Sisters - The compass

Illustration tattoos

Something that is very fashionable lately is getting a tattoo with a child's drawing, such as one from a children's book. In this sense, one of the most popular tattoos is what is shown in the picture and is of two girls communicating with the telephone made with yogurt containers.

The best thing about this tattoo is not only that it gives a childlike touch to you and helps you remember the girls who you were and still are to each other, but also in making the telephone, you're drawing a line connecting the two tattoos. So, one of you is incomplete without the other, as the design is not complete without the other.

Cute Matching Tattoos for Sisters - Illustration tattoos

Tattoos of birds

One of the best tattoos are birds ones, a symbol that represents freedom, creativity, imagination, etc. But also, as it is an animal that lives in the sky, it is also considered a symbol of spirituality, a contact with what's beyond, with divinity.

For sisters who tattoo the same birds on themselves, it may mean that one gives wings to the other, ie, they complement each other to live together fully. It can also represent that they are joined together and are flying through life enjoying one another's company.

Cute Matching Tattoos for Sisters - Tattoos of birds

Anchor tattoos

Anchors are also very popular tattoos for sisters, as they have a very strong connotation in the sentimental field. An anchor is what sailors used to safeguard themselves from the vastness of the sea and to return home.

If we transfer this to emotions, anchors signify the union we have with another person, like the sailors who used anchors to return home, the anchor for sisters means they are the bond that brings them home to family, to that which they love.

Cute Matching Tattoos for Sisters - Anchor tattoos

Incomplete tattoos

It is also very common, as mentioned in paragraph 3, that sisters want to get an incomplete tattoo that is only complete when they are together. This indicates that when they meet, they feel united, complete, when they are not they feel that they are missing their other half.

For this type of tattoo you can choose whatever you prefer: flowers, mandalas, butterflies, half-hearts, etc.

Cute Matching Tattoos for Sisters - Incomplete tattoos

Infinity symbol

Two circular lines connected to each other in an 8 shape is the infinity sign. For personal relationships, the infinity means that your love, the feelings that you have for each other is eternal and has no limits. This is a tattoo that sisters, and couples or friends often get together to show how important the other is to them.

But if in addition to this we add an arrow tattoo (like in the picture), we give it an extra meaning as the arrows have always been a sign of protection for tribes who used these weapons for defence and protection. So getting an arrow indicates that will you protect the other to infinity. In this OneHowTo article we will show you all the meanings of arrow tattoos.

Cute Matching Tattoos for Sisters - Infinity symbol

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Cute Matching Tattoos for Sisters