Ideas for a Wrist Tattoo

By Mary Smith. Updated: March 2, 2017
Ideas for a Wrist Tattoo

The wrist is one of the most attractive areas on which to get a tattoo. In this article we will give you some advice and recommendations so the tattoo you want to get fits the area well. Tattoos on the wrist are not very common as they are highly visible. This is why usually, the people who get tattoos on the wrists already have other tattoos elsewhere on the body. If you're thinking about getting a tattoo on that area, on this article you'll find ideas for a wrist tattoo.

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Tattoos on the wrist for men

Male writs tattoos are usually circular, with a tribal origin and with Egyptian or Hindu forms. The wrist tattoo is usually done in the lower area as otherwise it is always visible and the inner side is more beautiful, erotic and sensitive.

If you're looking for a tattoo with a symbolic meaning, men also tend to go for anchor, arrow, double triangle or feather tattoos in this area too.

Ideas for a Wrist Tattoo - Tattoos on the wrist for men

Tattoos on the wrist for women

The most common tattoo on women's wrists are a name, animal or symbol in the lower wrist. Normally wrist tattoos on for women are very subtle, small and delicate. One of the most common is the butterfly due to its meaning.

If you want a bigger tattoo, colorful flowers with leaves (especially roses) are very popular.

Ideas for a Wrist Tattoo - Tattoos on the wrist for women

Tattoos on the wrist: names

The idea of getting a name tattooed on the wrist sounds romantic, agreed? The name that is on your wrist will follow you for life, no matter whose it is, which is what you want. You'll only have to look down just a little and you will see it, the name of that special person.

Most people choose to place their name tattoo on the wrist, on the inner side. Thus, the design is not so visual and it also acquires some mystery and secrecy. However, in certain rare cases, the chosen font is difficult to adapt to the limited space of the wrist or the name is too long, so it may be necessary to look into other alternatives.

Ideas for a Wrist Tattoo - Tattoos on the wrist: names

Temporary tattoos on the wrist

Temporary tattoos are usually made of mehndi or henna and tend to go beyond the wrist and rise to the hand. They are very spectacular tattoos but they are not very durable. Take a look at how to apply mehndi for beginners to learn how to create the most amazing designs.

Ideas for a Wrist Tattoo - Temporary tattoos on the wrist

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  • Make sure that the tattoo studio is clean and safe, and that all equipment used is disposable (needles, gloves, masks, etc.) and sterilized (everything else).
  • Check that the tattoo artist is a licensed professional. They should be able to provide references.

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Ideas for a Wrist Tattoo
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Ideas for a Wrist Tattoo

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