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Pentecostal Hair: Everything You Should Know

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: April 9, 2020
Pentecostal Hair: Everything You Should Know

Pentecostalism is a Christian religion that has a variation on the belief system of other Christians. One of the major differences is the rejection of the concept of the Holy Trinity among Pentecostal Christians. However, another of the major tenets is the emphasis of ‘holy living’ in all aspects of their lives. This includes how Pentecostal Christians should dress. This means no trousers or pants and not to cut their hair. What this usually results in is a hairstyle which is long and free flowing. There are over 700 denominations of Pentecostal Christianity, and most encourage their followers to live and dress modestly. You may want to follow in their footsteps, or you just might want to look good with long hair. This oneHOWTO article everything you should know about Pentecostal hair so you can do either.

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  1. How Pentecostal hair hould be
  2. Popular Pentecostal Hair Styles
  3. Ballerina bun
  4. French braid
  5. Half updo:
  6. How to care for Pentecostal hair

How Pentecostal hair hould be

Pentecostal Christians teach women that they should not cut their hair. According to an interpretation of one Corinthians 11:1-16, any woman who worships and prophesies should keep her head covered. If she prays with her uncovered head, she, in a way, dishonors it. Long, uncut hair is like a natural covering for her head, and cutting them short is like praying with bare head. This is not acceptable in their religion.

Because Pentecostal women never cut their hair, their hair is often very long and non-groomed. Due to this, it becomes more important to style their hair appropriately so that they don’t look rough and untidy. The length of their hair is an advantage, and they can use it to style their hair the way they want.

It's important to note that Pentecostal hair says it needs to be uncut, not long. If you are of an ethnicity which doesn't usually naturally allow for this free flowing hair, then your version of Pentecostal hair might look different to those who do.

Popular Pentecostal Hair Styles

Most women like to tie their Pentecostal hair up in a bun, but that is not a necessity and you have the freedom to style your hair your way. The only condition is that you should not cut it. So, here are a few Pentecostal hair styles that you can try:

Ballerina bun

Ballerina bun is a classic favorite among women with long hair. Making a durable and strong ballerina bun is easy, but you need to do a little practice before you wear it. Follow these steps to make a ballerina bun at home:

  • Remove tangles from your hair by brushing it properly
  • Brush it back as if you are going to make a ponytail
  • Hold your hair back on the crown of your head, and make it as tight as possible
  • Tie a ponytail using a rubber band. Keep it tight so that the bun does not fall down when you secure it
  • Twist your ponytail to make a tight rope. If your hair is too thick and heavy, you can split it in two halves. This will make twisting easier
  • Start winding the rope around your ponytail holder. Make sure that you wrap in the same direction of the twist. If you twisted the rope clockwise, wrap it clockwise too
  • Secure with bobby pins
  • If you twisted your hair into two ropes, wrap one rope first, and then repeat with the second rope
  • Covering the bun with a matching hair net will give extra security to your bun

French braid

French braid is a classic, beautiful hairstyle that looks even better on long Pentecostal hair. Although weaving it may seem quite complicated, actually creating it is an easy and simple process. The key is to add a hair strand every time you braid each section. Follow these steps to make a French braid on your own:

  • Brush your hair to remove the tangles and make it smooth, soft and prepared for the braid
  • Gather a bunch of your hair from the top center part of your head. Make sure that all of the hair comes from the same row of hair. They should not come from higher or lower rows
  • Make three even sections of this bunch, just like you would do while making a traditional braid
  • Start by making a traditional braid with this bunch. Firstly, position your fingers the right way. Hold two sections in one hand, and third section in the other. Cross the right section over the center, and then cross left strand from above to the center. Make a few rows like this
  • Continue making the braid like this, but at the same time bring in some pieces of your hair from the side of your head as well. Add this hair during the cross-over part of the braid. Every time you make a cross over, add a small piece of hair from the side too. Make sure you have added all your hair by the time you reach the end of your neck with the braid
  • After reaching the nape of your neck, finish off like a traditional braid. Continue braiding until you reach the end of your hair strands. Then secure with a rubber band or ponytail holder
Pentecostal Hair: Everything You Should Know - French braid

Half updo:

A half updo is a simple yet gorgeous hairstyle that looks good on all types of hair, and all face shapes. Follow these steps to make one:

  • Brush your hair back, divide into two sections, and gather front section at the crown of your head while leaving rest of the hair loose
  • Twist the sectioned off part of your hair to the ends of your hair. Twist it tight so that it does not come loose
  • Coil the twisted section around itself to make a small bun
  • Use bobby pins to secure the bun in place. Spraying some hair spray on your bobby pins will ensure that they won’t slip out
  • For more texture, you may straighten or curl your hair before making the bun
  • Instead of using simple bobby pins, you may use beaded or colored pins to accessorize your hairstyle

How to care for Pentecostal hair

In order to keep your Pentecostal hair looking rich and luscious, you need to take care of it properly. Here are a few hair care tips to maintain health of your Pentecostal hair:

  • Shampooing your hair too often can strip your scalp of its nourishing oils which ensure health of your hair. If you use shampoo, do not use it more than 2-3 times in a week, and do not skip conditioning afterwards. You can use a cleansing conditioner instead of a shampoo as well. Always apply conditioner on your hair ends and shampoo on the scalp directly
  • Take care while drying your hair after washing. Use a towel to squeeze out the excess water, and use a wide toothed comb to remove the tangles. As far as possible, allow your hair to air dry, and avoid using a blow dryer when possible. Do not rub hair with a towel for drying, as it leads to split ends and frizz
  • It is important to maintain a healthy diet to keep your hair in good condition. What you eat directly impacts your health, including the health of your skin and hair. Drink lots of water each day, and eat lots of vitamins. Some healthy food choices include kale, spinach, mangoes, avocados, apples, sweet potatoes, fish, dairy products, etc.
  • Avoid making tight hairstyles, as tight braids, top knots and ponytails can cause excessive tension in your hair and cause damage
  • Whenever you select your hair care products, read the label carefully and pay attention to their list of ingredients. Make sure that the product is specifically formulated for your hair type. Avoid any products that contain isopropyl alcohol, sodium laureth sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate. Prefer products that have natural ingredients like honey, avocado oil, coconut milk etc.
  • Invest in a high quality hair brush. Since you have long hair, spending some money on a great brush is really worth it. Prefer the brush that has natural bristles, may be boar bristles or else.

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Mariah Ramonett
I have a question, does it say in the KJV bible that Christians can't wear makeup and they can't cut their hair?
OneHowTo Editor
No, not directly. Some may have interpreted it this way, one of the reasons for the various sects and denominations around Christianity (and personal belief).
I have split ends ... like a ton and do not cut my hair ( bc i am apostolic ) but is there anything that would help with that?
One thing I noticed is incorrect- not all Pentecostals reject the Trinity! The Apostolic branch believes in Jesus only, but there’s lots of Trinitarian Pentecostals all over, including me and my church!
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Crystal,

There are many sects with dogmatic differences in all religions, Pentecostalism is no different. Thank you for point it out, but it is true than mainstream Pentecostalism does not accept the trinity in the same way.
Are Christian Pentecostal males forbidden from cutting their hair like the women?
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Dan,

Generally, men are to keep their hair short in the Pentecostal tradition, but it may vary.
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Pentecostal Hair: Everything You Should Know