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How to Hide Grey Hair at Home

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Hide Grey Hair at Home

Grey hairs torment many adults and young women. They can appear at any age because they are simply hair discoloration and do not necessarily occur in old age. Once hair turns white it also loses its elasticity and becomes somewhat rebellious. However, the beauty industry thinks of everything and there are many solutions to hide grey hairs. So in this OneHowTo article we show you how to hide grey hair at home.

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Steps to follow:


The most common way to hide grey hair is by dying your hair. You can choose your own hair colour or risk changing your look and going with a lighter or darker shade. Although there are specialised dyes for grey hair, the hairs are not always completely covered and after two months you'll need to retouch your roots. Remember to protect your coloured hair to make it last longer.

How to Hide Grey Hair at Home - Step 1

One of the most effective ways to hide grey hairs is to use highlights. Although this similarly consists of hair colouring, this option is better because you don't have to dye all your hair and grey hairs are especially well hidden in light colours. Moreover, you won't have to retouch the root every month, since the light colour tone is less noticeable.

How to Hide Grey Hair at Home - Step 2

One way to dye grey hair naturally is to to cover grey hairs with chamomile. Boil water with four packets of chamomile tea. Then take out the packets and pour the water over your hair like a dye. Let it stand for half an hour and wash as usual. You will notice that the greys become a little darker.


Nowadays in beauty stores you can find markers for grey hair. This is a product that is applied as a deodorant at the root of your scalp to cover the roots of grey hair with a liquid that resembles the colour of your hair. The effect is very natural but disappears after washing your hair.

You might also try to use henna for grey curly hair, which is natural and beneficial to the hair.


There are also hair spray powders to cover grey hair. They are called hair spray powders because they are keratin fibres to disguise baldness, but if you apply a little to your roots you will see that they colour and volumise your greys. Like the pen, it comes out when you rinse your hair. When applied to the root, brush your hair to extend the product to the tip.


If you want to know how to use sage to reduce grey hair, see this article. You can also learn how to care for grey hair so it doesn't lose its shine or elasitcity.

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How to Hide Grey Hair at Home