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How To Wash Your Hair With Dreadlocks

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Wash Your Hair With Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are a type of hairstyle related to reggae culture which can be very flattering, but the truth is that to keep it in good condition requires some special care. Good hygiene is particularly needed for nice looking and nicely scented dreadlocks, but this must be done very carefully if you want to avoid them losing their shape or having to unroll them early. Pay attention to the tips in this OneHowTo article on how to wash your hair with dreadlocks and your hair will always be spotless and with a spectacular look.

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Steps to follow:


To wash your hair with dreadlocks, the first thing you should take into account that if the dreadlocks are fresh, it is best to wait a reasonable time before the first wash. This way, you will avoid them coming undone and, conversely, that others scalp and hair gets used to each dreadlocks as well. It is advisable not to wash your hair for at least the first 15 or 18 days, after that you can sanitize your hair.

When showering during this period, it is best to use a shower cap so you don't keep any moist in your hair.

How To Wash Your Hair With Dreadlocks - Step 1

Once this time has passed, it is also important to pay attention to the frequency in which you wash your dreadlocks. And if you want to keep your dreads in perfect condition, it is not advisable to wash them very often at first, simply do it once every 4 or 5 days. Some even do it just once a week, it all depends on your hair type and the time of year for example in summer. You will also see that with the passage of time, not many hairs will come out of your dreadlocks, so you can wash them more regularly, say every 2 or 3 days (not advisable daily).


If you are going to wash your hair with dreadlocks for the first time, there are some very useful tips that will be of great help to prevent them from coming undone and get too many loose hairs. One of the most effective is to put rubber bands at the roots and tips of the dreads just before you start washing, thereby typically preventing them from expanding or deforming. This you can limit it, as noted, only the first few washes.


Once you have placed all the bands, we recommend using a hairnet. First, wet the dreadlocks with warm water, apply shampoo to the roots and, before starting to rub, put the net on. When properly placed, gently massage the entire scalp with fingers and rinse with warm water. It is not necessary to apply the shampoo into the body of each of the dreadlocks, the soap will fall as you rinse and this will be enough to make them clean and don't rub them excessively. Repeat this process a second time if you want a more thorough cleaning, but especially ensure to remove all traces of soap between the dreads.

Dry your hair with a blow dryer to avoid any moist and, when dry apply the wax if you wish to (many locking products make dust and other residue stick to your locks).

How To Wash Your Hair With Dreadlocks - Step 4

Some recommendations you should consider for washing hair in dreadlocks are related to the water temperature, the type of shampoo used and the application of other products:

  • It is essential always rinse with warm water and prevent hot water as this could cause the wax used to roll dreadlocks to deteriorate, plus much more damage and dry the scalp.
  • As for the choice of appropriate shampoo, lotions containing no conditioning, foam, fragrance are recommended, and that do not leave accumulated residue on the hair. You can purchase shampoos specifically designed for washing dreadlocks that also protect against dandruff and dryness, or choose neutral pH soap.
  • You must not use conditioner on your dreadlocks because this product may cause them to loosen and soften.

Drying dreadlocks is also key to keep them in good condition and prevent them from acquiring an unpleasant musty smell. It is best to let them fall forward to release the excess water and, with the help of a towel, drain or wrap gently for approximately 15 minutes. Then you can use the hair dryer, but without applying hot air in the area of the scalp, until you see that they are no longer wet.

How To Wash Your Hair With Dreadlocks - Step 6

Finally, you only have to toughen dreadlocks and try to collect all those hairs that are left loose, molding them with a little wax or gel of those sold to combat frizz and maintain perfect and impeccable dreadlocks.

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How To Wash Your Hair With Dreadlocks