How to Wear a Hat if You Have a Big Head

By Mary Smith. Updated: August 3, 2020
How to Wear a Hat if You Have a Big Head

Have you ever picked up a hat, read the label which reads "one size fits all" and become downhearted? It could be that this supposedly universally sized hat sits atop your head like a thimble on a basketball. Firstly, you should take heart, our fat headed friend. According to many studies, a larger head size not only indicates greater intelligence, but there are trends suggesting those with a bigger brain are less likely to contract degenerative brain diseases such as dementia. However, we don't have many studies on how vanity is affected. No matter how clever you are, you still want to look good, so let OneHOWTO let you in on How to Wear a Hat if You Have a Big Head.

Do You Really Need a Hat?

If you need a hat for a practical function, then the answer is of course yes. Hard hat zones on construction sites are necessary and save lives, no matter if you have a big head or not. Worrying about style credits in your high-vis is very much a secondary consideration. In the past hats were used to connote different things. These often revealed either the wearer's social status or profession. These considerations are generally not as important, but you will still find people who want to give off a certain air wearing a particular hat for effect. One such group were London bankers who regularly wore bowler hats (or derbys), although this is not as prevalent as it once was.

In hot climates protecting your big head from the sun is important. Umbrellas are impractical and putting suncream directly onto the scalp can make hair look greasy. Baseball caps have the peak so that players can keep a better eye on the ball during sunny games. Pull down hats or beanies can keep our eyes from frostbite in chilly weather. Hats can be really helpful practically, but they are also a great accessory if you're wanting to go all out. It's not even that uncommon these days to see able bodied hipsters strutting about with a cane, let alone wearing a hat. Whether you need one or not, those with a big head have as much right as anyone to wear a hat.

How to Wear a Hat if You Have a Big Head - Do You Really Need a Hat?

Face and Body Shape

There are hats out there which may be suited to those with a big head, especially if your bonce is big, but not disproportionate. Beanies will generally stretch out to cover most craniums. Baseball hats and flatcaps will often have a clasp at the back to adjust size. For many women in particular, sun hats tend to be mercifully oversized. This means it's handy to hide your big head in the warm weather.

Unfortunately most hats with a fixed band tend to need the right corresponding head or they look silly. If you have a round face, wearing a beanie or skull cap can make the top of your head look smaller. This can over-emphasize the largeness of your face. Wearing something larger with a brim and a few more angles like a panama hat or fedora might work better. If you have a larger body shape in general, with a big waist and/or broad shoulders, wearing a larger hat will give you a better overall perspective. Wearing small hats with a bigger (no less beautiful) body type might look peculiar.

For small or petite body shapes, larger hats might look comical if you have a big head. This is when a smaller round hat, like a pillbox hat, might look best. Berets are also good at disguising perspective if you are a small bodied person with a big head. In many cases you want the counter point to help smooth out your overall look. Those with a longer face should have lower brims. Those with angular faces or square jaws might want to even out their look with a round hat.

How to Wear a Hat if You Have a Big Head - Face and Body Shape

Using Style to Your Advantage

Matching a hat doesn't always just correspond to body type or big head. Your overall style is going to have a bearing on the type of hat you wear. If you have a bit more of a shabby rock 'n' roll style, then maybe you won't want a formal style hat (although just look at rockers like Alice Cooper who made the top hat their own). Use what you have naturally and let the hat work for you. If you want to look a little more dapper, yet you have a big head which is large and round, then maybe a fedora will work better than a bowler hat.

If you have a big head, but a more flamboyant style, then you have more to work with. You can add flowers or feathers to your hat to distract from the size or even just to add more to it. To be honest, if your style is flamboyant enough, you can probably get away with wearing whatever hat you want and people will consider it part of your overall look. As long as you are comfortable and secure enough to back your style up. It is important to note that these are all suggestions to help you find your own style. Whatever you are most comfortable with is generally the best option. This does not count if you offensively appropriate religious or culturally specific hats.

How to Wear a Hat if You Have a Big Head - Using Style to Your Advantage

Hats for a Particular Occasion

Hats can be great for fancy dress, formal occasions or even group events which help everyone bond together as part of a team. If you have a big head, weddings can be tricky, especially if you are in the wedding party and you don't get to decide the style. For women, if you are wearing a hat, but have a big head, this could be your time to shine. Large brim hats with flowers, lace and many other accessories won't seem as out of place on a special occasion like this. Men or women with a big head who are requested to wear top hats or similar hats with a stiff band will need to make sure they give the organizer the correct size, otherwise they might sit on top of your head and move about like a weeble.

How to Wear a Hat if You Have a Big Head - Hats for a Particular Occasion

The Ideal Solution

If you have a big head, there are special stores (both brick and mortar and online) which can help you out. Sometimes referred to as Big and Tall stores, there are shops which might be able to accommodate large head sizes better, however, often the range of styles can be quite limited or drab. Some stores might have a larger section or even provide larger sizes, but often these can be quite limited. The best bet is to find somewhere online which has a good return policy so that you can try them out and send them back if needed.

If you have the money, then the ideal solution to find a hat for someone with a big head is to get one custom made by a milliner or tailor. This way you can choose your style, ask for custom elements and they will get make you a hat which is guaranteed to fit. You can even ask their opinion which a good tailor or milliner will pride themselves on.

How to Wear a Hat if You Have a Big Head - The Ideal Solution

It might not always be easy to accommodate a big head, but there are lots of options out there and, chances are, you've got the smarts to make the most of them.

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How to Wear a Hat if You Have a Big Head
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How to Wear a Hat if You Have a Big Head

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