How To Dress Like A Rocker And Rock It

How To Dress Like A Rocker And Rock It

The rocker style is easy to achieve, for both boys and girls. It combines elements of rebellion and transgression to create a unique style. Each group has their favourites, but there are certain items that are always worn. At we'll show you some tips about how to dress like a rocker.

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Black leather jacket. A must-have to dress like a rocker. Either the simplest one or the most elaborate, with zippers and pockets. They tend to be short and tight-fitting, although in the case of boys, they often wear them a bit larger.

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T-shirts. Loose-fitting or tight, and usually black and white. Predominantly white shirts are worn, contrasted with a black jacket, although striped shirts are also popular. Patterns with brand names, provocative designs or slogans are common. T-shirts with the UK or US flag are popular, as a symbol of the most influential countries in rock. The trend for girls is to wear loose-fitting tops.


Pants. Tight and skinny. Black or red. They can be ripped, but lately the rocker look is more polished and both girls and boys wear unripped pants. Jeans that look worn are also a wardrobe must-have for this look. You can learn how to create a worn effect with a pumice stone to create the perfect rocker look.

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Plaid shirts. They're ideal to wear open, over a T-shirt, à la Kurt Cobain. The color doesn't matter, but black or another color that doesn't clash with the pattern is best.

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Leopard prints. Are very important for your rocker look. Either as an accessory or a garment. They can be jackets, bags, shoes.


Footwear. Normally rockers tend to have black Converse shoes in their wardrobe, but any black Dr. Martens style boot that matches skinny pants will do. For the girls, either heels, or shoes that are very simple in black or red.


Dresses. For girls, popular dress styles are often black and tight. On the other hand, short dresses are often worn, but it depends on individual style.

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Tights. To go with dresses or shorts. Rocker styles tend to be patterned, striped or torn.

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Studs. Almost all of the garments have studs, and rockers usually add them to their jackets themselves, but many clothing items have them as a rule.


Hats. Rocker guys often wear short-brimmed hats, discreetly combined with a black blazer.


Casual suits. Lately among male rockers, there's been a trend towards wearing a suit. Wear a casual shirt and tie to go with the suit, but never dress too formal. Obviously, black is the best bet.

For a vintage-rocker look, we recommend reading how to dress in a vintage style, and combine the two styles in your own unique way.

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How To Dress Like A Rocker And Rock It
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How To Dress Like A Rocker And Rock It
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