How to Look Like Sonam Kapoor

By Sara . Updated: March 29, 2017
How to Look Like Sonam Kapoor
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Since her Cannes appearance, Sonam Kapoor’s style has been making headlines in international fashion pages. Her amazing transformation from 86 kg when she joined the glam world to the stunningly sexy look which she proudly flaunts now has inspired many. When it comes to her style she loves stepping out of her comfort zone and present a new look every time. If you are inspired by this amazing fashionista and want to know how to look like Sonam Kapoor then keep reading this OneHowTo article.

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Sonam's Diet, Skincare and Exercise

Looking like a celebrity doesn’t always mean following the same style as them or wearing the same makeup. It will be a notch better if you also have a body like them. So, here is a sneak peek into Sonam Kapoor’s diet, exercise and skincare routine.

Sonam’s diet comprises of six small meals a day. She also makes sure that she eats something every two hours. Her diet is low on carbs and high on protein. Also, she sips on warm lime water with honey every morning. She is very careful about being hydrated all the time and loves to sip on coconut water, cucumber juice or buttermilk too.

Sonam’s exercise routine comprises of cardiovascular exercise along with weight training. Two times a week she goes for dance exercises and practices power yoga on other days. Also, she swims whenever she is free to keep herself fit.

Sonam’s skin care regimen consists mainly of using natural products like milk or besan and curd as astringent. She makes sure that she wears sunscreen of SPF 30 at all time. She claims that there is always a sunscreen, lip balm, face cream, vitamins and cheek tint in her purse.

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How to Look Like Sonam Kapoor - Sonam's Diet, Skincare and Exercise
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Sonam Kapoor’s Look

To look like Sonam Kappoor, prep your skin with sunscreen and moisturizer. Then follow it with a concealer and powder foundation. For the eyes, Sonam prefers to have a soft smoky effect which can be achieved by applying some dots around the upper and lower lash line and smudging them to bring out the softness. With curled eyelashes and mascara, Sonam prefers a muted pink or brown pink lipstick.

Her signature beauty statements are the cat eye and red lips. She has shown the world now and then how to jazz up any outfit with a tint of red on the lips.

How to Look Like Sonam Kapoor - Sonam Kapoor’s Look
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Sonam Kapoor’s Hairstyle

Sonam Kapoor gives the credit of her luscious long hairs to oil massages. When it comes to hairstyle she has flaunted her hair in every possible way. She has curled it, braided it, straightened it, scrunched it and also shown the sexy side of a slick pony tail. So, there is no rule when it comes to hair-styling like Sonam Kapoor.

How to Look Like Sonam Kapoor - Sonam Kapoor’s Hairstyle
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Sonam Kapoor’s Outfit

Sonam’s outfit is such that it is always bound to awe us. She loves to experiment with every single outfit of hers. Some of her basic rules when it comes to outfit are:

  • Wear pointy shoes.
  • Red lipstick to glam any outfit.
  • Over sized glasses are a must.
  • A choker can make you look sophisticated and edgy.
  • Wear black whenever you are in doubt.
  • Finally think outside the box and have fun with experimenting.
How to Look Like Sonam Kapoor - Sonam Kapoor’s Outfit
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How to Look Like Sonam Kapoor
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How to Look Like Sonam Kapoor

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