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How to Look Like Kehlani

By Sara . January 30, 2017
How to Look Like Kehlani
Image: KehlaniMusic

Kehlani Ashley Parrish is a young American singer who is better known to the world by the single name "Kehlani". Her rise to fame started with the teen pop group Poplyfe which was one of the finalists on America’s Got Talent in 2011. Later she broke off from the group and has since started a solo career. Apart from her songs, Kehlani is also famous for her tattoos and style.

If you want to include her tomboyish style in your daily life then keep reading this oneHOWTO article to find out how to look like Kehlani.

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  1. How to dress like Kehlani
  2. How to accessorize like Kehlani
  3. How to wear your hair like Kehlani
  4. What tattoos does Kehlani have?

How to dress like Kehlani

Kehlani's most striking feature is that she always manages to wow her fans with her tomboyish looks and cool attitude. In order to look like Kehlani, you'll need to wear oversized and distressed clothes an integral part of your wardrobe.

Kehlane usually wears big shirts or crop tops with distressed or shredded jeans or funky, baggy pants. To complete her look, throw on a jacket. You can wear an informal varsity or bomber jacket, a simple black leather jacket or a hoodie. She turns her hoodies into fashion statements by wearing a graphic, strapped or fringed pieces.

Kehlani is rarely seen in a dress. Her memorable gown moment was at 2016 Grammy awards when she wore a long red maxi dress.

How to Look Like Kehlani - How to dress like Kehlani
Image: hersweat, wheretoget

How to accessorize like Kehlani

Kehlani’s favorite footwear are sneakers: she has flaunted sneakers with every look. To get the Kehlani look, get a number of sneakers in different colors - including classic black and white. She also has boots, but she never wears stilettos or pumps.

In order to accessorize like Kehlani, wear her favorite accessory: large hoops earrings. She loves her hoops, which complement her tomboyish, informal looks quite well. She also sports a nose ring which you can easily buy from any jewelry store.

Another of Kehlani's signature accessory is funky pendants. Small cool and fun - that’s what her pendants look like. She can also be seen sometimes wearing a gold chain which is neither very thick nor very thin.

How to Look Like Kehlani - How to accessorize like Kehlani
Image: instagram, tasia

How to wear your hair like Kehlani

Like many celebrities such as Rihanna or Zendaya, Kehlani loves to experiment with her hair. From long, straight hair to short pixie cuts and long fishtail braids, Kehlani looks awesome in every haircut - and so can you. Kehlani likes to tie up her hair in a bun, and sometimes in multiple buns, like in the space buns of the nineties.

To wear your hair like Kehlani you can also try her mohawk, or dye your hair regularly in different vibrant colors.

How to Look Like Kehlani - How to wear your hair like Kehlani
Image: polyvore, hypefreshmag

What tattoos does Kehlani have?

Kehlani started getting tattoos at the age of 16, and at 21 she now has multiple tattoos on her chest, stomach, arms, lower back, neck, knuckles and under her ribs. She even has two face tattoos!

One of the tattoos on her face reads Espíritu Libre which means "Free Spirit" in Spanish. The other of Kehlani's face tattoos is two dots under each eye.

How to Look Like Kehlani - What tattoos does Kehlani have?
Image: dazeddigital, pinterest

Now that you know how to look like Kehlani, share your celebrity style tips in the comments section!

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Image: KehlaniMusic
Image: hersweat, wheretoget
Image: instagram, tasia
Image: polyvore, hypefreshmag
Image: dazeddigital, pinterest
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How to Look Like Kehlani