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How to Look Like Ryan Gosling

Jane Bertin
By Jane Bertin. March 1, 2017
How to Look Like Ryan Gosling
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When the film awards season ends and the best-dressed rankings are posted, Ryan Gosling usually takes the spotlight - and he also takes it throughout the year, because his sophisticated-yet-effortless street style choices are excellent. The Canadian actor has been everyone's favorite since The Notebook in 2004, and he's really made it as a style icon with Blue Valentine, Crazy, Stupid, Love, Drive and La La Land.

Do you want to learn how to look like Ryan Gosling? In this oneHOWTO article we'll share some hairstyle and outfit tips so that you can charm everyone wherever you go.

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  1. How to style your hair like Ryan Gosling
  2. How to dress like Ryan Gosling
  3. How to be like Ryan Gosling

How to style your hair like Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling wears his beach-blond hair in a very classic - yet not boring - style that is very easy to do at home. His haircut is a longer variation of an Ivy League cut; buzzed at the sides and longer at the top, with a subtle pompadour or pouf. Gosling's version is a bit more modern, because it almost looks like an undercut. However, the short sides fade into the fluffy top instead of being sharply differentiated.

To style your hair like Ryan Gosling in his usual dashing sideswept style, it will need to be long enough to make a deep side part - at least an inch and a half. Here's how to do your hair like him:

  1. Start with damp hair.
  2. Dry it with a hair dryer while brushing it to the side and slightly backwards. Ryan Gosling wears a left hair part, but choose the side that flatters your face the most. If you want to get more volume in your pompadour, brush it to the opposite side it grows naturally.
  3. Smooth the short sides - they should be flattened, but not spiky. You can use hair wax.
  4. Smooth the longer top, making sure it gets some texture. Ryan Gosling wears his hair either styled or a bit messy, depending on the occasion. If you want to smooth it by pushing it backwards, use hair wax instead of gel: you want your hair to look attractively shiny, but not wet or greasy. The more effortless you look, the better.

Ryan Gosling usually has a beard, but he keeps it short, well-groomed and trimmed. If you want to look like him but don't want to care for a beard, simply shave - a messy beard will not do at all.

How to Look Like Ryan Gosling - How to style your hair like Ryan Gosling

How to dress like Ryan Gosling

Unlike other stars, Ryan Gosling always dresses well but doesn't experiment or vary his looks very much. Luckily for us, it makes dressing like him much easier. His style is elegant and sophisticated but normal enough to wear in your daily life - there's no need to be invited to the Oscars to wear suits like he does!

How to wear suits like Ryan Gosling:

Ryan Gosling is a favorite in menswear blogs and magazines, including GQ. While he almost never wears loud suits and flashy fabrics like velvet or embroidery, he always looks perfect. If you look at red carpet pictures, you'll notice that he almost never wears white, black or brown.

If you want to dress like Ryan Gosling for a formal occasion, choose a dark, elegant color such as navy, gray, burgundy or olive. At the most, wear a bolder color such as electric blue, or a subtle pattern like pinstripes. Leave the brightest colors for accents, such as a high-quality knitted tie: here you can learn how to combine colors in menswear.

The trick to make any suit look like a Ryan Gosling outfit is to make sure it's well-tailored. His style is quite classic, like that of a 1950s star, so if the suit doesn't fit you you'll look like the dad in a sitcom. If you can, choose a three-piece outfit. Finish the formal Ryan Gosling look with a pair of Oxford shoes or velvet slippers.

How to dress like Ryan Gosling casually:

As much as we'd admire him for it, Ryan Gosling doesn't wear suits in his daily life. Instead, we have seen him rock the casual, laid-back look when he goes out - remember when he broke up a fight in a sleeveless shirt? Yes, that happened.

To look like Ryan Gosling in your daily life, choose a neutral t-shirt or one with an understated graphic design, or a classic button-down shirt rolled up to your elbows. Wear them with black or gray jeans, which will match any combination. His riskiest look so far has been at Cannes, where he wore a navy silk pajama shirt.

Add a bomber or black leather jacket (go faux for animal-friendly and environmental points - remember that Ryan Gosling supports PETA), but make sure it's slim at the waist to highlight your figure. Otherwise, you can wear a blazer.

Ryan Gosling is famous for his roundish glasses, which give him a sexy scholar Indiana Jones vibe. If you don't need to wear glasses, you can still look like him by wearing Wayfarer sunglasses. Finally, you can give your Ryan Gosling look the final touch with scuffed, well-worn boots.

How to dress like Ryan Gosling in Drive:

Drive is not a very old film, as it came up in 2011, but Ryan Gosling's scorpion jacket is already considered an iconic costume. To look like him in Drive, finding the right jacket will be the most important part.

The zip-up jacket from Drive is made of white or pale cream satin, and it's quilted. It also has navy accents, and most importantly a golden embroidered scorpion at the back. It took the costume designer months to get right, so you'll have to buy a replica or simply take inspiration from the style and wear a luxury or embroidered item.

The rest of the outfit is more affordable: dark skinny or bootcut jeans, light brown leather driving gloves, aviator sunglasses and white boots - your Drive costume (or professional outfit, maybe) is done!

How to dress like Ryan Gosling in La La Land:

This is actually very easy, as in the award-winning musical La La Land Ryan Gosling's outfits aren't all that different from his usual look, as his costumes have a sophisticated, artsy vintage look. However, he looks less dapper, wearing brown, squarer suits with a long, thin tie. To give your La La Land costume - or inspired outfit - the final touch, wear brown and white shoes.

Instead of his sideswept hairstyle, if you want to style your hair like Ryan Gosling in La La Land you'll need to make even less of an effort and simply push it back, letting some locks fall naturally on your forehead. Simple!

How to Look Like Ryan Gosling - How to dress like Ryan Gosling

How to be like Ryan Gosling

The final step to look like Ryan Gosling is to get the right facial expressions and attitude - that is, to be like him. We can't all aspire to be a meme for more than five ongoing years, like Gosling with the "hey girl" phenomenon, but we can do our best to transmit a vibe of indie-ness and niceness with a touch of broodiness as well.

Above all, Ryan Gosling seems (and so far is) an honest, laid-back man, who gives off a sense of cool normality. Practice your understated smile, walk your dog regularly, and you've got it!

This is how to look like Ryan Gosling with hair and outfit tips. Share yours in the comments section!

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How to Look Like Ryan Gosling