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How to Get Rid of Back Rolls: Localized Exercises and Dietary Tips

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Get Rid of Back Rolls: Localized Exercises and Dietary Tips

When you do not follow a balanced diet, eat in excess to often or do not practice sport, fat gradually accumulates in different parts of your body. One of the most common areas where that happens is on the back. Back fat often takes the shape of back rolls, which are very obvious when you slip into a swimsuit or tighter clothes.

Do you want to make them disappear? Then do not stop reading the following article here at OneHowTo. We'll talk about how to get rid of back rolls through a healthy diet and specific exercise routines. Get ready!

  1. Why do back rolls appear?
  2. Specific exercises to fight back rolls
  3. Balanced diet to get rid of excess fat
  4. Homemade remedies for back rolls

Why do back rolls appear?

Excess fat gathers over time in different parts of the body. For many of us, it is very common to have localized fat on the back, where back rolls or folds are formed due to this accumulation of fat. Generally, fat rolls appear on both sides of the spine. They can also be found under the armpits or, in some people, under the breasts.

To get rid of back rolls for good, it is important that you combine two fundamental rules: A balanced diet and localized exercises for the back.

Specific exercises to fight back rolls

With 15 minutes of specific exercises focusing on the back area each day, you will achieve your goal of banishing those rolls of fat that linger on your back. You can combine these exercises with other sports or try moderate cardio activities to enhance your overall physical shape and tone your whole body.

Warning: If you've never practiced this type of exercise, it is best to begin with a few repetitions and gradually go on increasing the workout. We will distribute the exercises according to the phases and the aim of each one:

1. Strengthen lumbar muscles

Always with the help of a mat, lie face-down and stretch the extremities, as much as you can, trying not to touch the ground. Do push-ups with the lumbar arching backwards and then return to the starting position. Start with one set of 10 repetitions, rest and do two series more.

2. Reduce fat rolls

This type of lumbar extension can be very effective when done the right way. Lie down on your stomach and place your hands on your neck. Then arch your back, lifting the torso, and return to the initial position. Do 2 sets of 15 repetitions each. Soon you'll see the results.

3. Reduce overall back fat

Now, instead of doing the lumbar extension backwards, do it sideways. From the same position - that is to say, face down with your hands on your nape - arch your torso left and right. Make sets of 10 repetitions for each side of your body.

Other recommended exercises include lifting arms and legs. Lift the opposite arm to the leg you're working with; left arm, right leg and vice versa.

You can also try the "happy or angry cat": On all fours on the mat, keeping your head up and with your back relaxed - the happy cat. Then, mimic the pose of an angry, hissing cat. Tuck your chin down, bowing your head, and arch your lumbar up.

All localized exercises that work the back will help you eliminate fat rolls, so if you know any good back exercises, do use them. Since a strong back can be your greatest ally to feel always at your best, try this article on the best exercises to straighten your back.

How to Get Rid of Back Rolls: Localized Exercises and Dietary Tips - Specific exercises to fight back rolls

Balanced diet to get rid of excess fat

As we have said, it's not just enough to do a bit of sport - nor is it enough to perform specific exercises for your back - to get rid of fat rolls for good, although it surely is of great help. Working out has to be combined with a balanced, healthy diet. This will prevent you from accumulating more fat in localized areas. Remember that eating excess fats, refined sugars or processed foods will not help you stay healthy, and even less if you want to lose weight.

One of the main causes of the appearance of back rolls is your diet. Revise your eating habits - tracking them in a notebook can be useful. If they don't fit the requirements of a balanced diet, it's time for an emergency plan. To do this, you will have to add plenty of fruits and vegetables to your diet as well as natural fat burners like green tea or juices made with carrot, celery, lemon and tomato.

It is advisable to cleanse the body and prime it for a new, better dietary routine. You can try drinking tea with lemon juice, birdseed milk, water with lemon or cranberry juice before starting your day. Here at OneHowTo we recommend drinking warm water with lemon before breakfast in order to care for your body while achieving weight loss.

Remember that the most important weapon in your fight against accumulated fat is a year-round balanced diet, which has to be rich in all foods, especially in fruits and vegetables, lean meat and fish.

How to Get Rid of Back Rolls: Localized Exercises and Dietary Tips - Balanced diet to get rid of excess fat

Homemade remedies for back rolls

There are home remedies that can help you eliminate back rolls. Read closely:

  • Massage: A back massage will not only help you relax, but also remove fluid and reduce localized fat. Ideally, you should carry out a lymphatic drainage. You can have this treatment at any beauty salon, but you can also do a lymphatic drainage massage it at home if you have someone to help you.
  • Masks: Creams and masks can also help in this cause. Clay-based masks are perfect to remove and fight fat. Massage the area with a clay mask using circular motions and let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing.
  • Posture: Keeping a correct, upright posture is key to avoid rolls forming on your back. If your back is bent, it is more flaccid; that will contribute to the formation of the skin and fat folds. Rolls or not, your back will thank you.

Another good tip is to do more sports like swimming, as it helps to strengthen and tone the muscles of the back and, in turn, this prevents the accumulation of fat.

This is how to get rid of back rolls with localized exercises and a balanced diet; if you have any tips - beyond wearing loose clothes to hide them! - tell us in the comments section.

How to Get Rid of Back Rolls: Localized Exercises and Dietary Tips - Homemade remedies for back rolls

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How to Get Rid of Back Rolls: Localized Exercises and Dietary Tips